Save Hundreds a Year on Groceries with Walmart+

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Who wouldn’t like to have the convenience of having your groceries delivered to their doorstep during a window of time when you’re actually home? Thanks to Walmart+ — the brand’s newly launched membership program — customers can conveniently purchase their food online and receive free unlimited deliveries for orders of $35* and over from their local store to their door, along with so many more money and time-saving benefits.
As a Walmart+ member, you can order as much as you want (of in-stock store items) without having to pay an extra delivery fee. One requirement is you must spend a minimum of $35, but since the average American family apparently goes through $550 worth of groceries a month, that is about 3-4 free deliveries a week right to your door making the service a true time-saver!
*Other restrictions may apply.

How Free Deliveries Can Make a Walmart+ Membership Essentially ‘Free’

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It costs $12.95 month-to-month to join Walmart+ (a total of $155.40 per year). Or, you could save $57 (almost 40% off) by paying for an annual membership upfront for $98. Either way, the subscription pays for itself with two deliveries per month since the cost is $7.95 for a Walmart delivery to your door without membership.
For families who buy groceries biweekly, with a few extra deliveries here and there, that’s almost $20 a month or $240 each year. Since the Walmart+ plan is only $98 annually, deal hunters can save $142 after subtracting the annual fee from the $240 subscription-less estimated total. Did you just light up? Scroll through below to check out all the other benefits of a Walmart+ membership.
Here’s a little more official math to help highlight the potential money savings from joining:
According to Walmart, a Walmart+ membership may save you even more, perhaps closer to $800 per year, since you can save $68 per month with free unlimited delivery and also save 2.5 hours per week.* These money and time savings are based on two free deliveries per week versus a non-member $7.95 fee and skipping three store trips per week by having items brought to you.**
*Store time excludes time spent shopping online
**Deliveries require a $35 min. order. Restrictions apply.

More Great Ways Walmart+ Can Help You Save and Even Earn Back Money

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A complimentary 15-day trial.

Even though you’d only have to order every other week to make the most out of the $98 annual subscription, you can test things out first. There’s a free 15-day Walmart+ trial available right now, and all you have to do is confirm your address to get details on the exact services provided in your area.
Overall, 15 days is a generous length to try a delivery service. Given all the meals we’re cooking from home these days, there’s no doubt you’ll be ordering online several times per week, and at usually $7.95 a delivery for no extra charge during the trial, you could truly get your money’s worth just during the ​free​ trial!
Just know, as soon as the free trial ends, it’s going to be difficult going back to the old-fashion way of shopping for food. Brace yourself. Plus, now that it’s getting colder, who wants to go out and grab groceries when it’s freezing outside?

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Order often, throw out less.

Additionally, the beauty of unlimited delivery means there’s no need to stock up your refrigerator. Instead of having veggies, milk or whatever else go bad, not having to worry about delivery fees lets you be more conscious of overbuying and just getting exactly what you need for the few days ahead.

The store not having your choice could be a good thing.

Concerned Walmart won’t have what you’re looking for online? Surprisingly, this might be a perk for members. If something you order is out of stock, Walmart will automatically upgrade that item to an equal or higher value product for the same price. Isn’t that generous of them? If only this was the case any time you bought anything online.

Scan and go.

If you’re particular about your fruits and vegetables and still prefer to pick up groceries yourself, don’t worry because Walmart is making things extra efficient for plus members. You can use the Walmart app’s Scan & Go feature, which allows you to do exactly that.
You simply scan whatever’s on your list, add them to your cart and instantly pay on your smartphone. This way, you can skip the lines entirely, and you won’t even have to take anything out of your cart. On top of Walmart’s everyday low prices on groceries, cleaning supplies, household items and more, the convenience of this app feature alone makes the subscription worth it.

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Score special gas prices.

Another added bonus of the membership is discounts on gas. According to, customers can take advantage of up to five-cents off per gallon at nearly 1,500 Walmart locations. If you pump gas every two weeks or even weekly, this amount can add up and result in significant savings month after month.

Get paid for buying groceries.

Why not stack up all your rewards and savings? Not only does a Walmart credit card have zero annual fees, you’ll be able to earn 5% cashback on all purchases, 2% in-stores along with restaurants and travel and lastly, 1% everywhere else Mastercard is accepted. As mentioned above, the average American family can get nearly $28 cashback a month or just over $330 a year by using the card for all their groceries.

Finally, refer a friend. Help others save.

In these times, it’s more important than ever to look out for each other. If you have a friend, family member, neighbor or whoever hoping to save as much as possible, send them the brand’s friend referral link, which provides $10 off a total order of $50. That’s an additional 20% off! Couple that with a Walmart+ subscription and the savings keep on coming, so make sure they don’t miss out on anything.
Save even more money with Walmart by setting a Deal Alert, and be notified when there’s a sale.
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