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Working from home has given me a new sense of freedom, but with that there have also been some unexpected disadvantages. One of those said disadvantages is the lack of hot beverages on tap. What was once just a short walk to the water cooler is now a high effort task. All jokes aside, it just isn’t as simple as pouring myself a cup of hot water for tea any more.
While I am more than capable of boiling water, there have been new hurdles keeping me from enjoying my drink while it’s hot. To alleviate this, I have employed many different styles of insulated stainless steel mugs. Though they are capable of extending the duration of the warmth of the drink, it just doesn’t satisfy my desire for a piping-hot sip on-demand, and to be frank, they don’t look cool on my desk.
In comes the Ember Mug². This 2nd-generation sleek, ceramic coated stainless steel smart mug has given me a completely different outlook on what it means to always have a hot beverage on hand.

Product Snapshot: Ember Mug²

ember mug 2

Credit: Slickdeals

At a glance the Ember Mug² appears ordinary, but this smart mug proactively keeps your drinks hot. But not just hot – a specific temperature to your exact liking. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or even soup, you can customize presets on the mobile app and quickly set your desired temperature. The app will even notify you when your drink is perfect. Another useful feature of the mug is that it could be used without the app. It has an on/off button that sets the temperature of your drink to a default of 135°F.
The Ember Mug² will simultaneously heat and charge all day when placed on the charging coaster. It can be used on the go with its built-in battery and can maintain the temperature of your drink for up to 1.5 hours.
Things I like:

  • Can be used without the mobile app
  • Simple and intuitive mobile app for customization
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable ceramic coating
  • Mug is IPX7 rated

Things to keep in mind:

  • For a 10 oz mug it’s pretty heavy
  • The charging base is not water safe
  • Not microwaveable
  • Hand wash only

Key Features/Specs:

  • 10 oz & 14 oz sizes available
  • Smart Led to indicate status
  • Built-in Battery
    • 10 oz – 1.5 hours
    • 14 oz – 80 mins
  • Auto Sleep
  • Temperature Range of 120°F-145°F (50°C – 62.5°C)
  • Mobile app for iOS & Android


Reheating Drinks Are a Thing of the Past

ember mug 2

Credit: Slickdeals

Inevitably, we will be pulled away from our hot morning coffee, or simply become distracted. Without insulation, a traditional mug would result in your drink cooling over time. Your options are to either reheat your drink or stay unsatisfied.
This was a common occurrence and resulted in me purchasing many different insulated tumblers. Some worked better than others, but most were too large for my needs and now live hidden away in a cabinet. I wanted something small enough to not be a distraction, and convenient enough to continue using everyday.
I remembered one of my coworkers talking about how she went from microwaving her coffee every five minutes to using an Ember Mug, and became intrigued. So I traded my Yeti 20 oz. tumbler for the Ember Mug² 10 oz. version, and what a game changer it has been.
With the insulated tumbler, I would generally have to leave the lid off to allow for the temperature to drop to a drinkable temperature before closing the lid. If I left the lid off for too long the temperature would be too low, if I closed the lid too soon it would be too hot. It was a constant guessing game. But with the Ember Mug², I just set my temperature and wait for it to notify me when my drink is perfect.
I’ve tried it now with coffee as well as tea, and find that it handles both to my temperature preference without a hitch. The taste of the drink isn’t affected by the duration in which it is being heated and there is very little lost to evaporation.
ember mug 2

Credit: Slickdeals

Pairing the mug to the app was simple and intuitive. Once paired, the app gives you useful information like current temperature, desired temperature, and battery status. The customizable presets are easy to get to and give you confidence that you’ve configured the mug correctly.
The charging coaster makes it really convenient to have all-day heating. While away from the coaster, the built-in battery gives you about 1.5 hours of temperature control. Reheating works really well too. If the battery runs out of power, you can start to reheat the drink by placing it on the charging coaster. Depending on how far you’ve deviated from the set point it could be just a few minutes before the app notifies you that your drink is back to its perfect temperature.
Cleaning is as simple as hand washing. Even with all the electronics, the mug is IPX7 rated meaning you could completely submerge the mug in water and it will be fine. I would recommend drying with a cloth towel to avoid water spots forming on the sleek matte black finish.
ember mug 2

Credit: Slickdeals

This mug isn’t perfect though — it’s rather bottom-heavy due to the placement of the battery and electronics, which makes the ergonomics of bringing the mug to your lips feel quite odd. I think this could be improved if the handle were thicker and rounder, allowing for a more comfortable gripping posture.
Currently, I find it easier to grip the mug from the bottom of the handle, rather than the entire handle, effectively shifting the center of gravity closer to the center of my grip for easier tilting.

Should You Buy the Ember Mug²?

ember mug 2

Credit: Slickdeals

The Ember Mug² is an excellent stop-gap for those who are terrible at consuming hot drinks in a single sitting, so go forth and get distracted to your heart’s content! Your hot beverage will be ready and waiting thanks to the ingenious idea of making the mug itself a heat source.
It’s very satisfying when I’m in a groove at work, and my sip of hot coffee is as good as that first sip that I took hours ago. It’s simple and convenient for everyone, and I can’t wait to find new ways of using the Ember Mug².
I would still pair the Ember Mug² with an insulated tumbler when traveling long distances, though. For commuters, you can’t really take the Ember Mug² with you from home to office unless you bring the charging coaster as well, or have a spare charging coaster at the office. But you can definitely decanter from the Ember to an insulated mug. It’s a winning combination.
The Ember Mug² is available now from the following stores:


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