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Weight loss is hard. There’s no arguing against that. But, it’s 2022, and there’s a wealth of products and services out there to make weight loss easier. Whether you choose to use Noom, Weight Watchers (WW), Whole30, or just trying to keep better track of how many calories you consume daily, having the right weight-loss tools in your kitchen can significantly increase your chances of success.
No matter what weight-loss program you signed up for, these six items can help you reach your goals — and you can get all of them without leaving your home.

1. An Accurate Digital Food Scale: Etekcity 0.1g Food Kitchen Gram Scale with Bowl

Etekcity 0.1g Food Kitchen Gram Scale with Bowl

Credit: Amazon

Amazon rating: 4.8 stars, and an Amazon’s Choice
Prime eligible: Yes
Cost: Sale Price $15.98 and One-Day Shipping | Reg. Price $18.99
Since Noom, like most other weight loss programs, is all about portion control, a food scale is integral. Most people have no idea how much food they eat each day, and research shows that people tend to underestimate or overestimate the caloric value of foods and meals. Losing weight is all about your energy ratio — that is, how many calories you eat and how many calories you burn each day. A food scale, like this one from Etekcity that measures down to a tenth of a gram, will help you learn to prepare portions according to your weight-loss goals.
Glowing review:Perfect for when I’m dieting and want to input my food intake [into an] app. Love the bowl and isn’t an eye sore on the counter.
This particular food scale is our top choice because it comes with a bowl, which allows you to measure large portions of food as well as semi-liquid foods. Try measuring canned tomatoes on a flat food scale and see how that goes…

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2. A Measuring Set for Accountability: AmazingValueDeal 20-Piece Set with Conversion Chart

AmazingValueDeal 20-Piece Measuring Cup Set and Placard

Credit: Amazon

Amazon rating: 5 stars
Prime eligible: Yes
Cost: $32.86
If the brand name didn’t give it away (AmazingValueDeal just has to offer great deals), the reviews will tell you that this measuring cup set is a steal. A 20-piece set, this package includes seven measuring cups, nine measuring spoons, a level so you can ensure accuracy and a placard with measurement conversions (because let’s be honest, who can really convert ounces to tablespoons in their head).
Glowing review: “These measuring cups exceeded our expectations. They are heavy-duty, no more bent or broken handles! Even more impressive are the in-between measuring cups that make this set a great buy.
As for how this item will help you succeed on Noom, remember that you can’t lose weight if you eat more calories than you burn every day. That’s just a scientific fact. Measuring your food helps tremendously, and you can use these measuring cups and spoons to control your intake of individual ingredients such as olive oil, as well as snack foods such as granola or popcorn. The level included in this set is great to keep you honest by leveling out those “heaping” teaspoons and any other measurements for more precise calorie counting

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3. A Stackable Meal Prep Set: Glass Meal Prep Containers, 22-oz (10-Pack)

M Mcirco Glass Meal Prep Containers

Credit: Amazon

Amazon rating: 4.8 stars
Prime eligible: Yes
Cost: $43.99
For on-the-go people, weight loss efforts may feel fruitless because it’s hard to find healthy food out and about. When you’re hungry away from home and in a hurry, finding the healthiest nearby restaurant is probably the last thing on your mind. Solve that problem before it happens — and increase your chances of succeeding with Noom or another weight-loss program — by packing lunch and snacks for a day away from the house.
If you have access to a microwave, great, but if not, you can always take an insulated lunch box with items you can eat cold. Think wraps, sandwiches, salad, boiled eggs, cheese and veggie sticks with hummus.
Glowing review: “I LOVE these containers! Great packaging and quick shipping. They are perfect size for portion control . . . The glass is the perfect thickness… just thick enough to make them super sturdy but not too heavy.
These meal prep containers on Amazon are made of durable borosilicate glass and silicone snap lids to prevent leakage. They stack together for easy storage, and you can microwave food directly in the glass container.  Plus, you’ll be doing the environment a big favor by using glass instead of plastic. (It’s a favor for your wallet, too, since you likely won’t have to replace glass containers as soon as plastic ones.)

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4. Any ‘Magical’ Air Fryer: Chefman Air Fryer Oven

Chefman TurboFry 3.6-Quart Air Fryer Oven

Credit: Amazon

Amazon rating: 4.7 stars
Prime eligible: Yes
Cost: Sale Price: $69.99 (22% off) | Reg. Price: $89.99
Any machine that can make French fries with air instead of oil is pure magic in my diet world. Plus, an air fryer can also ripen rock-hard avocados to creamy perfection in just 10 minutes –perfect for adding healthy fats into your diet.
If you’re not using an air fryer in 2021, you’re really missing out on the simplest, quickest way to prepare hundreds of different meals and snacks. Having an air fryer at-the-ready in your kitchen means fewer weight-loss slip-ups because you’ll be less tempted to order takeout knowing you can make something healthy (and tasty) in a matter of minutes. You’re more likely to succeed on Noom or other weight-loss programs by making your own meals, which is easier with a quick-cooking appliance like an air fryer.
Glowing review:I’m in partnership with my doctor regarding my health. One of my doctor’s orders was to cut out oils. This Godsend of an air fryer makes that easy to do. One of the many plus points this air fryer has is that it doesn’t take up much space. It heats and cooks well and if you want fries, you certainly can have a healthier version. Use sweet or purple potatoes (just not the white ones) and enjoy the healthy, crispy and delicious result! Air fryers cook by hot air convection. Cutting down on oils at worst, eliminating them at best is a healthier alternative regardless of regimen and dietary needs.
Chefman is a longstanding and trusted brand, and this one, in particular, won’t take up too much space in your kitchen with its 3.5-liter capacity. The temperature ranges from 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you the flexibility to cook many different types of food. If you don’t love the analog dials on this model and can fork over an extra $10, get the digital version instead.

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5. Stay Fresh Produce Bags to Save Your Veggies: Peak Fresh Reusable Produce Bags, Set of 10

Peak Fresh Reusable Produce Bags

Credit: Amazon

Amazon rating: 4.4 stars, Amazon’s Choice
Prime eligible: Yes
Cost: Sale Price: Reg. Price: $9.99
When you embark on a weight-loss program such as Noom, you’re sure to pick up more fruits and vegetables from the grocery store or farmer’s market to help yourself succeed. Problem is, produce can often turn sour before you have time to eat it (or remember it’s in your fridge), and next thing you know, you’re facing heaps of squishy, moldy berries and wilted arugula.
Glowing reviewI will never ever be without these produce bags. In just a short month, [they’ve] saved me from ever having to throw out any produce!!! When I first purchased them, the true test would be strawberries… into the Peak Fresh bag with half the quart, and into a regular grocery store produce bag in the other. Recheck two weeks later… Peak Fresh strawberries [are] still as good as new. I threw the other ones out about a week prior because they were all going bad.
These stay-fresh produce bags from Peak Fresh keep your fruits and vegetables crisp longer, giving you more time to eat them and preventing you from wasting money. They work by absorbing ethylene gas emitted from the produce, which keeps the produce from ripening too quickly.

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6. A Low-Cost Activity Tracker: Realalt 3DTriSport Walking Activity Tracker

Realalt 3DTriSport Walking Activity Tracker

Credit: Amazon

Amazon rating: 4.2 stars, Amazon’s Choice
Prime eligible: Yes
Cost: Sale Price: $24.99 (42% off) | Reg. Price: $42.96
Losing weight isn’t just about nutrition (although that’s probably 75 percent of it). Your physical activity level can make or break your weight loss results — the more active you are, the more calories you burn each day. The beautiful thing about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, despite what the internet might tell you.
Exercise can be simple. In fact, you can get great results just by going on a daily walk, and you can become a better, faster walker by using a pedometer to measure your steps, time and distance.
Glowing review: “It works for me and my wife no matter where we wear it… I have clipped it on my inside coat pocket, my belt loop and my shirt pocket, all with the same excellent step count. I get that nowadays people are often using their Fitbit or other device to track steps, and that is, admittedly, efficient, but I’m not a fan of the Fitbit option. I like to keep track a little more old school so I am forced to think about it all more.”
Related: Affordable Trackers to Give Apple Watches a Run for Its Money
We covered this pedometer in our list of the best activity trackers to help amp up your step count, and we’re including it here, too, because it really can’t be beat. This simple activity tracker is a classic pedometer you can wear around your neck, on your belt or in your pocket. It counts your steps and measures your pace, distance, time and calories burned.

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