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You Can Buy This Celeb-Endorsed Light Therapy Beauty Treatment on Amazon

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Love or not love celebrities, you have to admit that most of them have envy-worthy glowing and flawless skin. In the past, celebrity skin fads have been way out of budget for most of us, but the latest obsession, red light therapy, can actually be purchased on Amazon and in its HSA/FSA eligible products store.
This means you can use any pre-tax dollars in your health care savings accounts to help you save a little cash if you want to try these celebrity-endorsed treatments for yourself at home.

Celebrities Who Use Light Therapy For Better Skin

Jessica Simpson –who has been public about dealing with her eczema, along with Kim Kardashian who has used light therapy in the past to help with her psoriasis skin condition — is the latest star to gush over this celebrity-approved regime of light therapy. “I’m obsessed with doing red light therapy treatments at home,” Simpson told Shape. “I place the anti-inflammatory device everywhere on my body, including my scalp, stomach, and boobs.”
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What Is Red Light Therapy?

These devices expose your skin to low levels of red or near-infrared light which can help skin and muscle tissues recover. Not only can regular sessions under red light reduce eczema, but there are claims light therapy can also alleviate joint pain and even help with hair loss. Some devices like the dpl IIa-Professional Light Therapy Panel also cycle through blue lights which offers an antimicrobial effect to help fight acne.

FSA/HSA Eligible Light Therapy on Amazon

How To Save on Light Therapy with FSA/HSA Funds

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) are special accounts you set up through your employee benefits. The funds are taken out of your paycheck before taxes and can be used to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs, including qualifying medical devices. These accounts help reduce your overall tax burden while also allowing you to save about 30% (this estimate can vary based on depending on your employment income tax rate) on medical costs since you are paying with untaxed earnings.
However, FSA funds have a use it or lose it rule which means you have a year to use up your funds before they are lost forever. Depending on your employer’s benefits, some individuals have until March to use their funds. While you can carry over $500 in your FSA account, HSA funds do not expire and can be rolled over year after year. However, eligibility differs based on insurance selection.

nuve light therapy
Credit: Amazon

Save Hundreds Doing Red Light Therapy Treatments at Home Instead of the Spa

Finding the right red light therapy device for your health needs might require a small investment. However, at-home treatments will save you more in the long run, especially since prices for receiving red light treatments at a salon can vary by location, costing between $25-85 per session for one area on your body.
Many professionals recommend 10 sessions for initial results with a follow-up treatment every few months. So rather than spending $250-850 for 10 initial sessions per area of your body plus the costs of follow-up treatments, make a one-time investment in a device that will allow you to receive red light therapy treatment in the comfort of your home.

Match Therapy to Your Specific Need

Before diving into a light therapy treatment at home, decide which body part or issue you are treating. If you want to reduce acne and get a more glowing complexion, try a handheld device like the dpl Nuve N72 XL Pain Relief, Light Therapy Handheld System that will allow you to quickly treat your face easily and often for a one-time purchase of $200. But for treating joint pain and whole body eczema or acne, a pad or wrap that emits warm light may be easier to use and cover a larger area at a time.

ed light therapy tools on amazon
Red light therapy treatment deals on Amazon:
1. LightStim for Acne – Reg. Price: $169.00 | FREE Prime Shipping and Returns
2. Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Led Light Therapy – Sale Price: $74.99 with $15 coupon | Reg. Price: $89.99
3. Near Infrared Red Light Led Therapy Wrap – Sale Price: $169.99 with $9 coupon | Reg. Price: $178.99
Still have FSA funds to spend before the March deadline? Here are 11 more surprising eligible FSA products that you can buy today. Remember to set a Deal Alert for items on your beauty wish list that aren’t FSA-eligible so you can save money when a sale is announced.

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