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What if you can use a hidden secret to purchase items at your favorite major retailers at even lower than the listed prices? Like the secret menu at your favorite fast-food chains, some major retailers have little-known policies that’ll allow you to do just that: price matching.

How does price matching work?

Price matching is a policy that many major retailers use in order to stay competitive in today’s digital world where consumers can instantly find cheaper prices for products online. With price matching, when a competitor has a lower price on an item you want, stores will match the lowest price you can find online for an identical item at their store.
Price matching policies, also known as price adjustments, vary by retailer. However, more and more retailers are offering favorable policies that shoppers should take advantage of. Many major retailers like Target and Walmart will even price match items found on Amazon.
So what stores offer price matching?  We break down the price matching policies from these major stores.

Target’s Price Matching Policy

Target storefront

Credit: Target

Target offers a straightforward, easy-to-understand price adjustment policy.
According to Target’s website, it has 35,000 listed items and over 25 online competitors under its price matching guarantee. While over 25 competitors may not seem like a lot, the list includes retail juggernauts like Amazon, Costco, Walmart and Best Buy, to name a few.
And, if you find a better price for an identical item within 14 days after your purchase at Target, you can request a price adjustment. Target also offers the ability to request a price match on identical items from all local retail competitors — this means any store within a 25-mile radius of a Target location.

Here’s a Breakdown of Target’s Price Matching Policy

How to price match at Target:

You can request a price match for items at Target both in-store and online. For an in-store price match or price adjustment, visit your local Target’s customer service desk. You can even price match in-store items with Target’s own website if you find a cheaper price there.
For a request on an online purchase, you’ll need to contact Target directly at 1-800-591-3869.

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Home Depot’s Price Matching Policy

The Home Depot exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

Home Depot’s policy on price matching is relatively easy to understand: Home Depot advertises that it will match any competitor’s in-store price on an item. All you have to do is bring in an advertisement, printout or photo showing a competitor is offering a lower price on an identical item. Also, note that that the store associate may contact the competitor to verify the price.
Home Depot also offers price matching on items purchased on their online store. This includes shipping as well.

How to price match at Home Depot:

To request an in-store price match, you’ll need to visit your local Home Depot’s customer service department. For an online price match, you’ll need to call Home Depot at 1-800-466-3337.

Walmart’s Price Matching Policy

walmart exterior

Credit: Walmart

Several years ago, Walmart actively promoted its “match it right at the register” slogan. Unfortunately, these days, Walmart’s price matching policy isn’t quite as lenient. When shopping in the store, you can only price match with the identical item if it’s sold for a lower price on Some stores can choose to not honor this policy, however, as the store manager has the final authority on whether to approve the match.

How to price match at Walmart:

You can inquire about Walmart’s policy in-store by asking a customer care associate. For online orders, contact a representative at 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278) before placing your order.

Lowe’s Price Matching Policy

Lowe's storefront exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

Lowe’s is not only Home Depot’s most direct competitor but also offers a similar price matching policy. Lowe’s will price match products at the register, just bring in a valid ad, printout or photo of the identical item. When shopping with Lowe’s online, you can also match prices with the identical product on, and other retailers. These inclusive store policies allow Lowe’s to stake its claim as one of the most competitive in price-matching strategies.

How to price match at Lowe’s:

You can access Lowe’s “price promise” by visiting an in-store customer service desk or contacting customer care over the phone at 1-877-465-6937 (1-877-GO-LOWES).

Things to Remember Before You Start Price Matching

Price matching is an essential strategy to ensuring you receive the best price on items. Before you start price matching, make sure you know each store’s policy and its exclusions. Some common exclusions include big-ticket items, items already on sale and quantity limitations. If you’re unsure about whether an item can be price matched, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask.

Best Buy’s Price Matching Policy

Best Buy storefront exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

If you’re a frequent Best Buy customer, the tech retailer will often match prices of qualifying purchases from several of its competitors, such as Amazon, Dell, HP, and even local competitors, for both in-store and online purchases.
However, Best Buy’s price matching policy does have limitations and exclusions on what items qualify. The product must be identical in brand, model number and color. It also excludes any clearance, refurbished and open-box items, including any item that has membership-related or loyalty program discounts.

How to price match at Best Buy:

You can request a price match for items through their website or in stores.

  • For an in-store price match or price adjustment, visit any Best Buy store and present the qualifying retailer’s ad or website to any employee, so they can verify the request.
  • If you’re shopping on the Best Buy website, all you have to do is connect to the Best Buy chat or call 1-888-BEST BUY 1-888-237-8289. Be prepared to direct their online representative to the ad or site that’s displaying the cheaper price.

Read through the FAQ for any further questions so you aren’t restricted based on technicality.

Kohl’s Price Matching Policy

Kohl's storefront exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

Compared to most major retailers, Kohl’s price matching policy is a little more strict on their requirements. Kohl’s in-store prices can only be matched against another competitor’s in-store prices or pricing. So, Kohl’s stores will not price match against any retailer’s online pricing.
If you are shopping at, items on the website can be price matched against other online retailers’ items as long as they are identical and verifiable on their website. There are unfortunately dozens of brands that are excluded from the policy, so take a look through the list first.

How to price match at Kohl’s:

The retailer states that the quickest way to receive a price match is by visiting a local Kohl’s, printing out a copy of the competitor’s ad and showing it to a sales representative. Be sure that the ad includes the current price, a description of the item and the competitor’s current/valid retail or sale price of the item.
For online purchases, call 1-855-564-5705 to speak with a customer service associate or use the online chat feature.

PetSmart’s Price Matching Policy

petsmart storefront exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

If you shop at Chewy, Walmart or Petco, you should check out PetSmart to see if you can rack up any savings. PetSmart offers to match in-store prices with any other competitor’s in-store prices as long as the respective item is in stock at a local PetSmart.
Note that this policy excludes pricing at competitors’ online sites. The pet retailer is also pretty explicit about not matching any prices at clearance, liquidation or other “special events,” including ‘buy one, get one free’ offers or rebates. also has an online price match guarantee with most online stores, though they exclude “Amazon, eBay, other auction or discount sites.”

How to price match at PetSmart:

Provide proof of the lower-priced product, whether it’s a receipt or advertisement, to a store associate at a local PetSmart. If you intend to purchase online via, contact them directly at 1-888-839-9638 and be ready to share the retailer link for the identical item.

Dell’s Price Matching Policy

Dell 14 Portable Monitor Features a Unique Adjustable Stand

Credit: Dell

Have you found a lower-priced computer or laptop online that’s identical to what Dell offers on their website? Dell will match that price—you simply have to share the active link of the item with a Dell sales expert via their chat function or by speaking to one of their representatives.
Dell has a long list of accepted online retailers that they will price match, such as Target, Amazon, Apple, Office Depot, Office Max, Best Buy and Walmart.
Do keep in mind that the products that qualify for their policy are limited to computers, tablets, monitors and various electronic accessories from brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple. Dell even offers a price-match guarantee, so if you find a lower price on a product that was already purchased from Dell within 30 days of the receipt, Dell will refund the difference.
Here are more details on Dell’s price match policy.

How to price match at Dell:

You must share the active website link of the eligible, lower-priced product with a Dell sales expert via the chat tool or by calling 1-888-969-4503.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Price Matching Policy

Bed Bath and beyond storefront exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

Bed Bath & Beyond is a go-to store for many shoppers because of their enormous selection of home goods and decor and the fact that they match prices from local retailers and major online competitors. You even have the option to use a manufacturer’s coupon on top of the price match to increase your savings. But Bed Bath & Beyond will not accept coupons from retailers or brands with retail stores.
If you are wondering whether you can use Bed Bath & Beyond’s own coupons with the price match, it’s either one or the other — whichever gives you the lower price.
The home good retailer will also match prices 14 days after you make the original purchase, so if you happen to find a cheaper price within two weeks of buying a product, you can qualify to get the difference in cost back in your wallet.
Check out more details about Bed Bath & Beyond’s price matching promise.

How to price match at Bed Bath & Beyond:

Price match at Bed Bath & Beyond by either visiting any store in-person and showing a sales associate the qualifying ad, or by calling 1-800-GO-BEYOND (1-800-462-3966) and sharing the ad or website with one of their customer service representatives.

Macy’s Price Matching Policy

inbody macys store exterior and sign sunny day 2

Credit: Macy’s

Macy’s price matching policy isn’t very clear on its website, but after speaking with a customer service representative, it’s certain that the retail giant will price match items from an approved store as long as you do so within 10 days of purchase.
Macy’s will only accept price-matching from the following competitors:

  • Belk
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Dillards
  • Kohl’s
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Sur La Table
  • Williams Sonoma

Unfortunately, this policy does exclude bigger stores like Amazon, Costco and Bed Bath & Beyond.
If you’d like to make a price-adjustment after you buy an item, you can do so as long as you also abide by the 10-day time frame of the purchase date and as long as the purchase was made without a promo code. Hang onto the receipts because you will have to provide them to take advantage of the policy.

How to price match at Macy’s:

If you’d prefer to price match in-person, show the store ad or website displaying the competitor’s cheaper price of an identical item to a Macy’s cashier or sales representative. If you’d like to take advantage of the policy online, simply chat with an online representative and share the same link with them. For any additional issues or questions, we recommend calling Macy’s at 1-800-289-6229.

Nordstrom’s Price Matching Policy

nordstrom storefront with grey sky

Credit: Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s policy does offer price matching with other stores, as well as price adjustments after purchase if you request one within 14 days.
The select retailers that Nordstrom will match prices with are as follows:

  • Amazon (sold & shipped by Amazon only; not by other retailers on the site)
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • East Dane
  • Macy’s
  • Mr. Porter
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Net-A-Porter
  • ShopBop
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Zappos

In order to get Nordstrom to price match the item you’re purchasing, the product must be identical, in-stock at the select competitor, and you must bring in the current competitor’s ad or link to show to an online or in-person sales representative.
Note that Nordstrom’s policy does have quite a few exceptions: You can’t use the policy on designer brands purchased on sale, any gift card promotions, items from flash sales or outlets like Nordstrom Rack, or products from regional and non-U.S.-based retailers.
Make sure to double-check these exceptions and criteria before deciding on a final purchase.

How to price match at Nordstrom:

Customers can go to a Nordstrom in-person and request a price match by bringing in the receipt of the purchase and showing the lower-priced ad of the select retailer to a Nordstrom sales representative. If you want to avoid the trip to the store again, you can send an email to [email protected], speak to an online sales rep via the Nordstrom Chat, or call at 1-888-282-6060.
If you’ve already bought an item at Nordstrom and you find it cheaper at a qualifying competitor’s store or website, you can submit a price adjustment within 14 days of the shipment date. Remember that any purchases made during a Limited-Time Sale, Extra Savings, Anniversary Sale, Daily Deals and Beauty Daily Deals are not eligible.

Newegg’s Price Matching Policy

Rear view of a gaming setup with desktop pc and a big monitor newegg

If you shop at Newegg, they’ve got an easy-to-follow price matching policy that will match many major retailer’s price on an identical product within 14 days of your purchase.
Newegg will match prices with a longer list of retailers than what other stores offer, but keep in mind that this applies to online prices only:

  • Amazon
  • CDW
  • Crutchfield
  • Dell
  • Frys
  • Gamestop
  • Kmart
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Sears
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Walmart

There are a few catches to Newegg’s policy. The cost difference won’t be credited to you by refunding to your credit card; it’ll be credited to you in the form of a Newegg Customer Care card, which can be used on their website or app within 90 calendar days of the date of issue.
Their guarantee policy also excludes third-party retailers from a retailer’s online marketplace, products that have discounts from any loyalty or membership program and any products that are advertised as below Newegg’s actual cost.
There’s a limit of only one price per item and per customer, so make those savings count before clicking submit!

How to price match at Newegg’s:

First, you want to make sure that whatever product you got your eye on has the “Price Match Guarantee” on its website, which you can easily find by filtering your search using the “Price Match Guarantee” checkbox via the “Useful Links” filter.
Once you do that, find a lower-advertised price by Newegg or a major retailer for the product within 14 calendar days of your purchase — but make sure it’s the same brand and model number.
Then submit the necessary information using Newegg’s Price Match Guarantee Claim Form with the order number and competitor’s link to the same but cheaper product.
For any additional questions, chat with or call Newegg’s customer service at 1-800-390-1119.

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Price Matching Policy

dicks sporting goods exterior storefront store

Credit: Mike Mozart via Wikipedia

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a pretty simple but clear Best Price Guarantee policy. Much like other retailers on this list, the qualifying product must be an identical brand, model number, color, and size. The products that are not eligible are those that are on special markdowns and discounts, which is par for the course for most stores.
Some of the qualifying stores Dick’s will price match again are as follows:

  • Amazon (no 3rd-party resellers)
  • Walmart
  • Nike
  • Kohl’s
  • Under Armour
  • adidas
  • Foot Locker
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Champs
  • Finish Line
  • Easybay
  • Nordstrom
  • and more

Check out the FAQs on Dick’s Sporting Goods’ price match policy to see a complete list of accepted retailers and for any further details.

How to price match at Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and show a sale associate the qualifying retailer’s ad that displays the lower price.
If you’d like to price match a product online, call 1-877-846-9997 to speak to a representative. Make sure you have the reference of a qualifying retailer’s website or ad on hand because you’ll have to share that with the sales rep.

JCPenney’s Price Matching Policy

jcpenny store interior jc penny clothing and white walls

Credit: JCPenny

JCPenney offers a great price matching policy that guarantees prices from any retailers, whether it’s in-stores or on their websites.
Their price matching policy only excludes marketplaces and third-party sellers, including items sold by a third party on Amazon. That means if the items are sold directly by Amazon and they happen to be cheaper than whatever you purchased at JCPenney, you’re more than likely to qualify for the policy. Plus, if you have any additional coupons or discounts, you can pair them up with the price-matched item, which means you can double up on the savings.
JCPenney’s policy does however exclude sales made in Alaska or Puerto Rico, any expired advertisements, and sales from competitors that are considered special offers, such as clearance, rebates, or discontinued prices.

How to price match at JCPenney:

Go to any JCPenney store and present the competitor’s advertisement to a sales representative, who will then authenticate it on their end. For online purchases, call JCPenney’s Customer Care line at 1-800-322-1189 and be ready to direct them to a website on a lower-priced ad.
If you’ve already made your purchase, you have within 14 days to present the qualifying ad with your receipt and JCPenney will reimburse the difference.

GameStop’s Price Matching Policy

GameStop storefront exterior

Credit: Slickdeals

GameStop has exploded in the past few years, with people re-discovering their love for video games. Shoppers at GameStop, however, will be disappointed to know that the retailer doesn’t have an official price matching policy.
But after speaking with an online representative, GameStop is willing to make a one-time exception discount as long as the product matches the following criteria:

  • The item must be similar
  • The item must be immediately available with the competitor
  • GameStop will only match the exact price
  • GameStop will only match with all prices on
  • The item must be at regular price (No offers or discounts)
  • Provide the link to the item
  • Price match is not available for single items from a bundle

To clarify, since there’s no official policy, competitors should be any legitimate, non-third-party retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target or Walmart. A competitor’s products will not be measured against any in-store GameStop prices—only prices listed on its website. And we likely assume this doesn’t apply to any used games you find online.

How to price match at GameStop:

If you’d like to try your one-time exception and price-match a cheaper item at GameStop, you can go on their website’s Contact Us page and email, call or chat with an online representative. The main support phone number is 1-800-883-8895, and the email is [email protected].
As noted above, make sure you have the link to the competitor’s product handy to share with the rep. Mention that you’d like to see if GameStop is willing to make an exception for a price match, and the customer support can walk you through the steps and issue you the discount.

Office Max / Office Depot’s Price Matching Policy

Office Max exterior storefront

Credit: Slickdeals

Office Depot and Office Max have an easy-to-follow price matching policy that makes it simple for its customers.
Their price matching covers the following:

  • Competitor Pricing: The retailer will match prices on qualifying items online or in-stores from major stores like Staples, Target, Walmart, Best Buy or Amazon.
  • Phone, Printing & Computer Services: Printing jobs from FedEx or UPS can be price matched. On top of that, they’ll even match phone service plans and computer services provided the products are identical.
  • Office Depot/Office Max Online Pricing: If you find any discounts on Office Depot or Office Max’s websites, you’ll be able to take advantage of those as well.

There are limitations: You can only price match one per item per guest, meaning that you won’t be able to rack up as many price matches as you can in the same transaction. The item must be identical, in-stock at a competitor’s location and not on clearance or liquidation. Make sure to go through the restrictions to avoid being turned down at the checkout line.

How to price match at Office Depot:

Make sure to provide an Office Depot sales representative or cashier the price and model number of your item and confirmation via “a printed advertisement, printed in-store signage, receipt of item purchased, picture of in-store signage or online offer from a mobile device.” They’ll require a printed quote for any copy and custom printing jobs. For online orders, chat with an online rep or call 1-800-GO-DEPOT.
And as long as you do so within 14 days of the purchase, you can get a price adjustment for a lower-priced qualifying item and Office Depot will reimburse you the price difference.

Staples’ Price Matching Policy

Staples exterior storefront

Credit: Slickdeals

While it’s better than nothing, Staples, unfortunately, only meets price matching for products through its brick-and-mortar stores. Their policy states that Staples will match prices with virtually any other retailer as long as it’s “identical, including model number, components and U.S. warrant,” and it’s in-stock at the competitor’s store. They’ll even match free shipping fees if it’s offered from a competitor. And if you’re wondering, Staples stores will also meet the prices of nearly everything on its website.

How to price match at Staples:

Provide a Staples associate at your local store with proof of the qualifying lower-priced item. They’ll verify it before deciding to issue a lower price. If you already purchased a product and find a less expensive price from Staples, make sure to show that to a sales rep in person within 14 days of when you bought it.

Michaels’ Price Matching Policy

Michaels exterior storefront

Credit: Slickdeals

Arts and crafts enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Michaels has one of the best in-store and online price match guarantees where they’ll not only match the lower price of any “identical, in-stock item from any brick-and-mortar retailer” but they’ll also take off another 10% from that price. Many times, it might not be worth it to use a price matching policy only to get a dollar or two off the original cost, but Michaels makes it so that you get rewarded for finding lower prices.
The stores that qualify for price-matching are any brick-and-mortar retailers or specific online retailers, like Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Target, Staples, Walmart, Walgreens and more.
And as par for the course, the items must be identical in color, brand and model number to qualify. Products that are sold under special promotions or by third-party retailers won’t be accepted as well. While some retailers will allow you to stack coupons on top of reduced-prices, Michaels doesn’t allow customers to do so.

How to price match at Michaels:

If you’re going in-person, make sure to provide an ad or photo of the cheaper item to a sales rep or cashier. If you bought a qualifying item through its website, contact customer service at 1-800-642-4235. Brick-and-mortar stores are unable to adjust prices for any online orders that were already made.


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