Is an Uber One Membership Worth It?

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Uber One launched in late 2021 to provide cost savings to Uber’s most loyal members. Whether or not Uber One is worth signing up for depends on how often you use Uber for rides and/or food and grocery deliveries. We break down what Uber One offers its members and what type of great discounts and VIP treatment you can get by becoming a member.

What is Uber One?

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Uber One (formerly known as Uber’s Eats Pass) is a paid membership program by Uber that provides various perks for members through its food delivery, groceries and rideshare services.
Uber One membership comes with a list of benefits a regular Uber customer can’t get, such as:

  • Free deliveries on food and groceries
  • 5% discount on rides and food orders (including pickup orders)
  • Priority delivery service
  • Exclusive promotions and invite-only events throughout the year

It’s important to note that in the terms and conditions, you’ll see the phrase “eligible merchants” often. Uber One membership benefits are only applicable on eligible driver, restaurant, grocery store, or retail outlets that have a gold Uber One icon next to their name.

Does Uber One include Uber Eats?

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Uber One covers all of Uber’s products, including Eats for food and grocery deliveries. You don’t need to download a new or all-inclusive app to be an Uber One customer. You’ll use the same Uber app for rides and Uber Eats for restaurant, pharmacy, retail, or grocery deliveries.

How much does Uber One cost?

You have two choices when paying for an Uber One membership:

  • The monthly fee is $9.99 and auto-renews unless you cancel it at least 48 hours before the next billing cycle starts.
  • You can also choose an annual fee of $99. That’s over $20 in savings overall if you’d rather pay upfront for the full year instead of monthly.

If you order food delivery frequently and spend more than $8.25 in delivery fees each month, then Uber One is absolutely worth it because it will save you more money in delivery fees and you’ll get discounts on each order.

What are the current promotions and deals for Uber One?

When Uber One first launched, there was a 50% off discount, but that deal didn’t last long.
Here are the current promos and deals for Uber One:

There might be more promotions that come up, so we’ll keep you updated when these deals drop. You can check for the latest coupons on the Slickdeals coupon page.

Does Uber One have a free trial?

Yes, new members can currently get one month free to try the service.

You may be wondering if you can sign up for multiple free trials using different phone numbers, or find other workarounds for this perk. Uber warns that it won’t tolerate abuse of their free trial, so it’s best not to resort to tricks. You may risk being permanently banned from the service.

“Free trial eligibility is determined by Uber at its sole discretion and Uber may limit such eligibility or duration to prevent free trial abuse. Certain limitations may exist with respect to combining a free trial with any other offers.”

What are the benefits and perks of Uber One?

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As an Uber One member, you’re in for several nice perks:

  • Promotions and invite-only experiences: You’re going to get surprises year-round from special promotions and savings opportunities, and what Uber calls “invite-only experiences.”
  • There’s also a 5% discount on deliveries, rides and pick-up orders — with a couple of exceptions:
    • $15 minimum order or ride required (Taxes & Fees are not included in the minimum purchase requirement)
    • Grocery stores are NOT included in the 5% off
    • Not applicable to rides booked more than 30 minutes ahead of time or for shared rides
  • No delivery fees: You also get that pesky delivery fee waived on rides, deliveries and groceries, with the same exceptions as the above.
  • Uber One Promise: The Uber One Promises states that if the Latest Arrival Estimate you are given when you place an order is wrong, Uber will give you $5 in Uber Cash for the inconvenience. Not bad if your rideshares and deliveries are usually on a time crunch.

Are you an American Express cardholder?

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Certain credit cards can also offer Uber deals, like American Express. Depending on which card you have, you can get access special benefits and perks just for being a cardholder.

Each of those credit cards comes with an annual fee, so you’ll need to balance how much you order out or use Uber for a ride to see if you’ll save or lose money each year

How do I cancel my Uber One membership?

If it turns out Uber One isn’t working for you, then you can cancel by following these steps:

  • Go to your profile
  • Select Uber One
  • Go to Manage Membership
  • Choose End Membership
  • You’ll then confirm that with Leave Uber One

You’ll need to cancel your subscription no less than 48 hours before the next billing cycle, whether that’s annually or monthly. It doesn’t cancel instantly. You’ll be billed for the next renewal if you do it in less than 48 hours before the new billing cycle starts.
It’s a good idea with any subscription to set a calendar reminder of when you signed up, and then add a repeat event every month or year so you remember where all your subscriptions renew or expire.

Is Uber One Worth it?

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Uber One is worth it if you use the service a lot. If you order food delivery frequently and end up paying more than $8.25 a month in delivery fees, or if you take an Uber ride every week, Uber One can be a smart investment in helping you save money on these services.

The cost savings aren’t a determined amount, as the delivery fees you won’t be paying are different for each restaurant. Even customers with moderate use of Uber or Uber Eats can see more than a cost savings of $8.25 (yearly subscription) or $9.99 (monthly subscription) easily, but you’ll need to figure out that math by going to your previous orders and seeing how much you paid in delivery fees.


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