Here Are 8 Ways To Get Free Pizza

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There’s nothing quite like enjoying a slice of pizza, especially one that you didn’t pay for. Sadly there is no pizza fairy out there to bring us a slice when we’re in need, but you don’t need a magical friend in order to enjoy a pie on the house.
No, we’re not suggesting that you steal a slice or rip anyone off. Turns out there are actually some legitimate ways to score pizza without paying for it, although getting a free pizza does come with some challenges. That’s why we’re breaking down all the best ways to get free pizza, from rewards programs to life hacks.

How to Get Free & Discounted Pizza

1. Join Your Favorite Pizza Place’s Rewards & Loyalty Program

This is the most straightforward way to get a “free” pizza, although there’s an argument to be made that rewards programs in general never give anything away for free. Still, if pizza is a regular menu item in your house, you should definitely consider joining a rewards program.
Most major pizza chains offer a rewards program that will give you points for every purchase. Earn enough points and you can trade them in for all kinds of rewards, including free pizza. The details vary between each franchise, but most will offer a way to sign up for their rewards program on their websites or through the app. Here’s a quick list of links with more information on various pizza rewards programs:

This list is by no means exhaustive, so check with your favorite pizza place to see if they offer their own rewards program.

2. Sign Up for Email Newsletters

The Slice Society newsletter
Credit: Sbarro
One of the best ways to score special deals and discounts is to sign up for your favorite pizza restaurant’s newsletter or email list. Most popular chains have one, and joining a list like this means you’ll get exclusive rewards directly in your inbox.
How to find pizza newsletters: Sign up for your favorite pizza joint’s newsletter by Googling your preferred restaurant and adding the phrase “newsletter” or “email list”. You’ll be getting exclusive offers in your inbox in no time.
If you’re looking for some free pizza right now, one of the quickest ways is to sign up for Sbarro’s Slice Society newsletter. You get a free XL slice after signing up and ordering a drink.
Slickdeals Tip: If you’re worried about your e-mail inbox getting cluttered with pizza newsletters, create a separate email account exclusively for these offers. If you use Gmail, it will automatically create a “Promotions” folder to help you sort your mail.

3. Scan the Web for Promo Codes

One of the easiest ways to save is with a promotional code, as well as online tools that can help you scan the web for promo codes. Most major pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s will have promo codes from time to time, including everything from discounted meals to entire free pizzas.
Here are our favorite tips for finding pizza promo codes:

  • Use Slickdeals to search for deals from your favorite pizza chains individually
  • Create a Deal Alert to be notified whenever a pizza-related deal hits the web
  • Download the Slickdeals browser extension, which will automatically apply any existing promo codes when you order food online

4. Search for Free and Discounted Gift Cards

domino's pizza
Credit: Domino’s
Gift cards are a great way to get free and discounted pizza, and you don’t have to wait for your birthday to get one. There are a couple of different sites that let you earn points for simple tasks like taking a survey, and those points can often be traded for rewards like gift cards.
One option is Prize Rebel, which offers Pizza Hut gift cards for completing surveys. Another is Swagbucks, which offers Domino’s gift cards as rewards for watching videos, playing games, and filling out surveys.

5. Mark Your Calendar for National Pizza Day & Pi Day

National Pizza Day is becoming more popular every year, and every pizza place is scrambling to outdo each other with celebratory offerings. Celebrations for National Pizza Day typically fall on February 9, and most places that serve pizza will be offering some sort of deal.
This also applies to March 14, which marks National Pi Day. Unable to reject an easy pun, pizza joints everywhere have started celebrating Pi day with special promotional deals on pizza pies. We’ve covered Pi Day deals in the past, so read to get a taste of the deals you can expect next Pi Day.

6. Complete a “Pizza Challenge”

close up of man eating pizza
Credit: iStock
This option is not for the faint of heart. Lots of pizza places, especially locally-owned ones, will offer some sort of ridiculous pizza-eating challenge as a promotional stunt, and it’s not a bad way to get some free pizza if you have the stomach for it.
If you’re not sure where to look to find local food challenges, you can search on Just select the “Map Search” option from the Challenges drop down menu, and you can input your city to see what food challenges are available near you.
As a warning, these challenges usually entail eating a gigantic pizza in some ridiculously small time frame, but they usually waive the bill if you complete the task within the stated specifications. Some places even offer substantial cash rewards for those few who come out on top. Unfortunately, finding free heartburn medication might be a little trickier than scarfing down a table-sized pizza pie.

7. Try Public Events and Meet-Ups

This one is more of a gamble, but it could get you some genuinely free pizza without having to save up rewards points. Local events and meet-ups sometimes offer free food to entice people to come, and free food almost always means pizza in these circumstances.
You can research what kind of clubs and organizations are in your community and see if any are having local meet-ups. Find one that interests you or supports a hobby you’re passionate about, then head over. You may meet some new friends and enjoy some free pizza all at once! Just remember to be polite, as you don’t want to be the party crasher who grabs a box full of pizza and bails.

8. Create a Wedding Registry at Domino’s

pizza on wedding table
Credit: Domino’s
If you’re about to tie the knot, Domino’s Pizza has a wedding registry where you can request your guests send you an eGift card that you can redeem for anything on What better way to start off a marriage than to enjoy pizza paid for by your loved ones?

What To Avoid on Your Quest for Free Pizza

We all want free pizza, but there’s a difference between getting a pizza and taking one. Here are a couple of unethical tactics to stay clear of.

Don’t Lie About Your Order Being Wrong

This one is pretty straightforward, you should absolutely not lie about the restaurant messing up their order to try and get your food for free. For one, it’s just a rude thing to do. More importantly, these kind of false reports can really harm restaurant workers and delivery drivers, who often have to take the blame when something goes wrong.

Don’t Take Advantage of Software Bugs

As more and more companies beef up their digital sales platforms, there’s bound to be some bugs along the way. There have been some notable cases of bug exploitation on pizza apps, but it’s something that’s legally questionable at best and can cause all sorts of problems for both the restaurant and the exploiter.
Good luck on your pizza hunting adventures, and remember to set a Deal Alert if you want to stay up to date on all the freshest pizza deals.


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