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12 Lawyer-Approved Gifts for the Lawyer in Your Life

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My older brother and his wife are both lawyers, and for years they’ve been collecting a variety of tools and gadgets to make doing their jobs easier and more fun. They love showing off their latest acquisitions whenever I visit, and even though I have no intention of becoming a lawyer, I wouldn’t mind finding a lot of their gear under my Christmas tree.
To get you started on shopping for your favorite lawyer, here’s a selection of gifts that are lawyer-approved by my brother and his wife. Whether you’re related to them or just want them to take your case, these products are sure to win their favor.

Up Your Lawyer’s Tech Game

1. LegalBoard Wireless Keyboard

Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

LegalBoard Wireless Price: $85.00

Many lawyers spend their days typing, typing and typing some more, so why not get them a keyboard with built-in shortcuts designed specifically for lawyers? For example, you can insert common legal terms and citations or add legal symbols with a single keystroke.
My brother bought this keyboard solely for the symbol shortcuts, which he says saves him a surprising amount of time every day.
You can also purchase a wired version for $10 less here. The company also offers LegalPad, a keypad that works with your existing keyboard.

2. The Remarkable 2

remarkable 2
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

The Remarkable 2  Price: $399.99

The Remarkable 2 is a next-generation tablet that not only lets you read and review documents but also lets you take handwritten notes and convert them into text. And you can make those notes accessible on all your devices.
One of the Remarkable 2’s coolest features is that when you write on it, it feels like you are writing on actual paper. This device will save tons of paper and is a great way to annotate court cases and quickly send them to your computer.
Want to take a closer look at how awesome this device is? Watch the product trailer here. You will end up adding it to your own Christmas list this year, too.

3. Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

AmazonBasics Paper Shredder
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Capacity, Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder, 4.1 Gallon Price: $42.66

Help your lawyer get rid of confidential (or incriminating!) files with this four-gallon shredder. It’s easy to assemble and does not weigh much. It can hide under a desk or tuck nicely into the corner of a room (it also looks stylish under the tree). Plus, according to a Staples survey, regular shredding relieves stress and makes you feel smarter and more organized.

4. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

coffee mug
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Ember Temperature Control Smart Coffee Mug 2, 10 oz, White/Black Price: $99.95

Add a little magic to your lawyer’s coffee addiction with this smart mug. The Ember regulates the temperature of the coffee for hours. Just set the temperature of the mug on a smartphone and voilà, the coffee will never go cold. The Ember Mug comes in two colors: white, and black. If you’re willing to spend an extra $20, you can get three more colors: copper, gold, or stainless steel.

Accessorize the Law

5. Uni-Ball Retractable Blue Gel Pens

pile of pens
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

Uni-Ball 1790895 Signo 207 Retractable Gel Pen, Bold Point, Blue Ink, 12-CountSale Price: $13.07 | Reg. Price: $24.96

Lawyers prefer to use blue ink when they acquire signatures. This way it’s easier to show you are using an original document with an original signature, and not a scan. My brother raves about these pens: “Uni-Ball pens write incredibly smooth and their grip is awesome.”

6. Kotoyas Rug Mouse Pad

mouse pad
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

Kotoyas Rug Mouse Pad, Oriental Carpet Style Persian Mouse Pad (Rhine) Price: $9.99

This mouse pad is just plain fun. It will make office guests stop and do a double-take. It looks like someone shrunk a life-size rug down to a cute, tiny table-top accessory. Amazon carries an assortment of rug-like mouse pads in all colors and designs.

7. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light glasses
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Price: $17.99

Responding to emails, typing briefs, and doing legal research on the internet puts a strain on a lawyer’s eyes. Fortunately, these stylish blue light glasses will protect your lawyer’s eyes from all that glare so they can live to see you another day.

8. Stylish Ties

Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

Nordstrom’s All Men’s Ties Sale & Clearance  – Price: $27.89 

I asked my brother where he buys his ties and he responded, “I have no idea, they are always given to me as gifts.”
Since lawyers are often standing before a judge in court or attending an important meeting on Zoom, they have to look their best but don’t always have time to go shopping. Grab a nice tie to brighten up their attire.

Stuff Their Stockings with AmazonBasics

9. Legal/Wide Ruled 8-1/2 by 11-3/4 Legal Pad

legal pads
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

AmazonBasics Legal/Wide Ruled Legal Pad – (50 Sheet Paper Pads, 12 pack) Price: $12.99

The name says it all! A lawyer can never have too many legal pads.

10. Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

ream of paper
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper – White, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets) Price: $28.87

Everyone dreads the angry screech of a printer when it goes to retrieve paper and just finds empty air. Don’t let this happen to your lawyer friends.
While many industries are moving toward paperless, lawyers still review hundreds of pages worth of printed documents. It might even be a good idea to gift a year-long subscription of paper deliveries.

11. No. 1 Paper Clips

box of staples
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

AmazonBasics No. 1 Paper Clips, Nonskid, 100 Clip per Box, 10-Pack  – Price: $8.29

Possibly the least exciting gift on this list, but we recommend you just drop a pack of these in their stocking and feed your lawyer’s need for organization.

12. AmazonBasics Catalog Mailing Envelopes

manilla envelopes
Credit: Christine Petersen | Slickdeals

AmazonBasics Catalog Mailing Envelopes, Peel & Seal, 6×9 Inch, 250-Pack  Price: $24.99

Lawyers routinely transport confidential documents by mail or by hand to the courts. Give them 250 envelopes for only $25 and help them transport important files.
Need more help with your holiday shopping? Find the best price on whatever gifts you decide to buy when you set a Deal Alert. We’ll let you know of any price drops as soon as they hit our site.


Christine Petersen
Christine Petersen
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