Here's What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Bidet

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Before the coronavirus, bidets were a taboo topic reserved for people abroad or the extreme, free-spirits in North America. Now that toilet paper shelves are empty, us bidet users are asking, “Who’s laughing now?”
If the current situation has you in the market to finally make the jump from TP to a bidet, we’re taking a look at what things you should consider before you buy. We’ll also round up some of our favorite bidet options.
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How Much Can a Bidet Save You?

Using a bidet is not as strange as you may think, and the potential savings will add up quickly. Here are some quick money saving stats:

  • reports that the average U.S. household (2.6 people) uses 409 regular-sized rolls of toilet paper per year. But with most people in isolation, this estimate goes up 140%.
  • We estimated that the cost per roll before store specials and sales is about $1. If you use a bidet to reduce your wiping cost by 70%, you can save an average of $286 per family per year, or more for bigger families. This is pre-isolation savings, so you’ll likely save even more during this time.
  • Bidets reduce clogged pipes as well, which may mean even more savings as simple plumbing issues have an average cost of about $160.
  • For those with medical conditions, bidets can offer comfort and save money on ointments to treat exacerbated skin issues.

Bidet Attachment vs. Full Bidet

For those new to the bidet game, you might be picturing a strange, European-type toilet installed next to a regular toilet. Rest assured that you don’t need to remodel your whole bathroom to use a bidet. In fact, bidet attachments and seats are affordable and easy to install on your existing toilet.
Popular types of bidets include:

  • Combination Bidet or Integrated Bidet: This is a whole toilet unit that needs to be installed and replaces your toilet. They range in price from an average of $600 to $3,500. While most of the models on the market look like a standard toilet, they can be slightly larger in size. You will need a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI of GFCI) outlet installed to use with this style of bidet.
  • Bidet Attachment: Handheld bidet attachments connect to your water line in less than 15 minutes of installation. These range in price of $15 to $70, but unlike other options, they don’t offer a variety of settings when it comes to water pressure or output. These attachments do not require an outlet, but that also means your water will not be heated when it comes out.
  • Bidet Seat: Bidet seats replace your current toilet seat and connect to your water line. Electric seats will need a GFI outlet nearby. While non-electric seats are also an option and easier to install, you will not be able to enjoy heated water or drying capabilities. The installation of an electric seat takes about an hour and costs, on average, between $150 to $350.

If you are still unsure if a bidet is the right choice for you, start with an electric bidet seat. This option has a good mix of features without breaking the bank. Remember that you will need a power source for your attachment if you plan on using one with heat or drying capabilities.
If your toilet room does not have an outlet, you can temporarily use an extension cord while you decide if you like it enough to install an outlet.

What to Look for When Buying a Bidet

From personal experience, the most important things to look for in a bidet are warm water and different water settings. I also think it’s helpful to have a remote control that is separate from the toilet, preferably one that can be mounted on the wall.
When shopping for bidets, you should also think about who will be using this toilet. If it’s going in your guest bathroom, look for low-tech options that are user-friendly for all. If you have medical issues, you may want to consider a bidet that offers offers more water pressure or water massage options.

Best Bidet Deals for Your Budget

Opt for the biggest savings over the cheapest model when looking for the best bidet deals. You want a highly-rated model that will last since you will be using it often. And be sure to set a Deal Alert so you don’t miss any bidet sales.
In the meantime, here are some of our top picks to check out:

Intelliseat Ultimate Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat – Regular Price: $239.98
This attachment boasts a plumber-free installation and five adjustable water positions. You can also adjust the water temperatures and drying settings. Plus, it has an average 4.0 out of 5 rating on Sam’s Club. One reviewer said, “Bought 3 units for the rest of our bathrooms after having bought a Toto 5 years ago. These units work just as well for a third of its cost. Love them so far.”

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Bio Bidet LW-1000 Round Smart Bidet Toilet Seat in White – Sale Price: $199 | Regular Price: $299
Control water temperature and pressure on the Bio Bidet LW-1000 with a side-mounted panel. Choose between posterior, feminine and turbo warm-water washes. The seat stays warmed and has an in-bowl night light, making for easier late-night bathroom runs.

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Inus Heated Bidet Toilet Seat – Sale Price: $229.99 | Regular Price: $249.99
This bidet comes with a few options that go beyond the standard ones you’ll find on most attachments. The kid button allows the younger crowd to get a soft cleansing, while the water pressure and position can be adjusted for your cleaning needs. This model also offers a massage option for therapeutic relief.

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