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When the COVID-19 pandemic ruptured the fitness equipment supply chain and made physical weights hard to come by (and insanely expensive), digital at-home workout options began to soar. Notably, many companies are mimicking the original, luxury fitness mirror (called, plainly but aptly, the MIRROR). Find out why we think the ProForm Vue mirror is currently a better deal than the MIRROR even though the price is almost the same.

ProForm Mirror is Called ‘Vue’ and Has Weights

ProForm, a longstanding and reputable fitness equipment manufacturer took the concept of a smart connected fitness mirror one step further by including physical weights. This is important because no matter how intense the classes or how sleek the machine, nothing stacks up to the sense of sweat accomplishment that comes with throwing down some weights.
ProForm realized this and took a stab at solving the problem with ProForm Vue, a smart fitness mirror that combines the digital and connected fitness experience with a true weightlifting experience. And it only costs a cup of coffee more than the original.

man lifting weight using ProForm Vue mirror

Credit: ProForm Vue

ProForm Vue Features

Price: $1,499 or $39/month for 39 months (0% APR)
What you get delivered: Smart fitness mirror, weight set with one 10-pound bar, two 5-pound dumbbells and four 2.5-pound weight plates, dedicated storage rack behind the display screen.
Tech Specs

  • Display size: 24 inches wide by 60 inches tall
  • Touchscreen: Yes, 22 inches
  • Dual 3-inch speakers
  • Heart-rate tracking enabled
  • Bluetooth 3.0-enabled

Workout app subscription and costs: Free for one year, then an additional $39/month for an iFit Family membership (up to six members).
Types of workouts: 

  • High-intensity interval training
  • Strength training (with weights)
  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Stretching

Access to Live Instructors: Yes. Live and on-demand classes available.

The MIRROR Features

woman exercising using a MIRROR

Credit: MIRROR

Price: $1,495 or $42/month for 36 months (0% APR)
What you get delivered: Smart fitness mirror
Tech Specs

  • Display size: 21 inches wide by 40 inches tall
  • Touchscreen: No, use the app on your phone for controls
  • Dual 10-watt speakers
  • Heart-rate tracking enabled
  • Bluetooth-enabled

Workout app subscription and costs: Free for one year, then an additional $39/month for an iFit Family membership.
Types of workouts: 

  • High-intensity interval training
  • Strength training (no weights provided)
  • Dance cardio
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai chi
  • Boxing
  • Kettlebell
  • Barre
  • Bootcamp and more classes

Access to Live Instructors: Yes. Live and on-demand classes available.
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Why ProForm Vue Is a Better Deal Than MIRROR

woman lifting weight using ProForm Vue mirror

Credit: ProForm Vue

In short, the ProForm Vue is a way better deal than the MIRROR because you get everything you could get with the MIRROR plus a physical weight set — for only four dollars extra. The Vue also features a bigger display and a touchscreen while MIRROR requires you to control workouts and settings through your phone.
Plus, you get a full year of the iFit subscription free with the Vue. That alone is a $468 value. MIRROR’s membership for workout access costs $39/month and billing begins upon delivery of your MIRROR device.
MIRROR does win one category, and that’s the number of workout class options. MIRROR offers workouts in more than 50 categories with new workouts added weekly. Comparatively, the iFit app still offers plenty of workout classes, though, so you shouldn’t worry about exhausting your options.

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