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Kitchen remodels are a huge pain to plan for, pay for and live through. You don’t have to hire a contractor or shop marble samples to make a big impact on your kitchen decor. Just look up. If your range hood is clunky and outdated; or even worse, there is a microwave above your stove, a simple change to a modern stove hood will make a big impact.
We’ve found several streamlined, modern range hoods that will instantly open up your kitchen and even improve the air quality. This decor swap can take as little as a day with a professional technician or advanced DIYer, although the time for the project can vary if you need to redo the wall behind your old range hood or mounted microwave. This is one change that has little impact on your wallet but a huge impact on your home’s value.

1. Stylish and Functional: 4 Speed Fans for Optimal Airflow

24" Black Stainless Steel 400 CFM Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood in Black Stainless Steel with Night Light

Credit: Wayfair

24″ Black Stainless Steel 400 CFM Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood – Reg. Price: $499.95
When I use a stop top griddle to grill, it produces so much smoke and causes our Nest smoke alarm to give us many warnings. If you cook anything like I do, then you will appreciate the highest setting of airflow — 760 CFM Air Flow. Many Wayfair reviewers approved of the sleek look this mounted range hood offered, though not everyone was keen on the noise level.

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2. A Quieter Affordable Option That Is Equally Stylish

29.5" 217 CFM Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

Credit: Wayfair

29.5″ 217 CFM Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood – Sale Price: $226.12 | Reg. Price: $289.39
If noise in the kitchen bothers you, then consider this mounted range hood instead. The black matte finish on this range hood makes it a good choice for modern kitchens. We love the look next to subway tile and designer tile backsplash. What reviewers didn’t love about this unit were the lights. Reviewers found that the lights burned out too fast or that the color was too bright. Either way, most of these reviewers just kept the range hood lights off.

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3. Get a An Upgrade With Lighting for Your Island Stove

30" Akdy 343 CFM Convertible Island Range Hood in Black Painted

Credit: Wayfair

30″ Akdy 343 CFM Convertible Island Range Hood – Reg. Price: $387.27
The great part about Wayfair is that shopper have uploaded their own images of the same style in their own homes so you can see before you buy what the final look will be.

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Looking for other ways to make your kitchen look more expensive without spending a fortune? We’ve put together a list of 9 Easy Kitchen Upgrades That Look More Expensive Than They Are.

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