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Growing your own food is not only relaxing, it could be a great way to save on grocery bills if you become great at growing your own produce. For less than the cost of a bag of groceries these days, you could spend under $100 and invest in a mini greenhouse to foster your own green thumb.

Shop Affordable Greenhouses on Wayfair

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced grower, a greenhouse could allow you to pursue a new or favorite pastime, no matter what the weather is outside. If you’ve been on the hunt for a greenhouse, Wayfair has a wide selection of large houses as well as smaller starter versions.

Greenhouses on Sale Under $100 with Both Free Shipping and Returns

Here are several small greenhouses from Wayfair in various sizes that are currently on sale or priced as low as $42. You’ll be sure to find one that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. With Wayfair’s free shipping and easy no-questions-asked free returns (even on the largest items), you can try growing your own food, risk-free:

Go Big with a Walk-In Greenhouse That Can Sub for a Tiny House

You can also purchase this impressive 6′ wide by 4′ deep Hobby Greenhouse Walk-In Greenhouse with a latching door for $509 (in grey) that also features tons of verified buyer photos uploaded to Wayfair with over 150 positive reviews.

See Verified Buyer Pics for this Greenhouse

A greenhouse makes for a great addition to any garden and will save your plants and vegetables from frost and sudden drops in temperature, and also extend your growing season on both sides of the summer.
Key features of this walk-in include:

  • Choose from three colors (silver, green or grey) to match your home
  • Free 2-Day Shipping
  • A latching door for safety and security
  • A heavy-duty aluminum frame that provides solid support to the entire structure of the greenhouse
  • A hinged door design that offers up superior protection from the elements, including heavy winds, rain and snow
  • High-quality clear polycarbonate side panels to channel and hold the sun’s heat

Shop All Walk-In Greenhouses on Wayfair

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