Find the Best Deals at 22 Chain Restaurants That are (Probably) Open Late Near You

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as chowing down on a burrito at 1 a.m. — except maybe eating a burrito at 4 a.m. Fortunately for us night owls, there are a ton of chains that are open late and willing to serve you as many burritos as your heart desires.
And while a lot of these places are relatively cheap to begin with, there are still ways to maximize your savings with a little planning and research.
That’s why we’ve put together this list of restaurants offering some of the best deals on late-night eats. If your insomnia is keeping you awake at night, and you just need something in your belly, one of these restaurants may hit the spot.

Late-Night Chain Restaurants With the Best Deals


If you’re looking for late-night breakfast, it’s not too hard to find a 24-hour IHOP. Plus, the pancake specialists often have deals for free pancakes with the purchase of other items.
You can also access additional offers through the IHOP app or by signing up for MyHop email list. Additionally, you can check out all the discounts and deals from IHOP now.

Find an IHOP Near Me

2. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a late night staple, especially if you’re a little inebriated. Pretty much every Taco Bell is open late into the night, with most being 24 hours. Signing up for an account at will get you access to tons of exclusive offers.
The app also has some choice coupons. Free tacos, $1 menu items and more make Taco Bell a solid late-night choice. Find current offers available from Taco Bell here.

Find a Taco Bell Near Me

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a classic late-night stop, with many locations open 24/7. The McDonald’s app is loaded with deals, including BOGOs, discount codes and a dollar menu that’s hard to beat.
You can check out all deals available both in the restaurant and through the app on the Slickdeals’ McDonald’s coupon page.

Find a McDonald’s Near Me

4. Domino’s

On late nights, you don’t always want to actually leave your house to get your food. That’s where Domino’s comes in, as it is typically open (and delivering) until midnight or later.
Domino’s is constantly running specials on pizzas of all sizes, usually in the form of combo deals. Check out all the latest Domino’s deals, discounts and promotions now.

Find a Domino’s Near Me

5. Del Taco

Del Taco continues the trend of taco joints open late, with locations staying open until midnight, 2 a.m. or even 24 hours. There are plenty of ways to save at Del Taco, including through its app and its Raving Fan eClub.
It’s pretty much always giving away a free burrito or taco as part of some kind of promo, so check out all the Del Taco deals now.

Find a Del Taco Near Me

6. Denny’s

If you want to end your night with a Grand Slam, there’s nowhere better than Denny’s. Literally. You can usually find a 24/7 Denny’s near you, though some are only open until midnight.
And for those who want some stacks for less stacks, sign up for the Denny’s Rewards email promotions or check out the Denny’s app. AARP members also save extra and don’t forget to check out the $2 menu. Browse all the available Denny’s deals now.

Find a Denny’s Near Me

7. Pizza Hut

Late-night pizza is always satisfying, and Pizza Hut always delivers. Most Pizza Huts are open until midnight, and it’s got a strong selection of deals and discounts on its app.
You won’t only find deals on pizza though. Offers on wings, desserts, breadsticks and more are extremely common. Take a look at all of the Pizza Hut offers here.

Find a Pizza Hut Near Me

8. In-N-Out

This regional burger chain is all the rage out West, and not only because it stays open until 1 a.m.
While it doesn’t always have a ton of offers available, the food is already pretty affordable, even by fast food standards. Be sure to keep tabs on any potential new offers from In-N-Out.

Find an In-N-Out Near Me

9. Subway

Subway hours vary quite a bit depending on location, but it’s not uncommon to find one that’s open 24/7. Some locations are open until midnight, as well.
Either way, using the Subway app can save you money on those late night excursions. There are also lots of in-store offers available, and text offers are another way to save. Check out all of Subway’s deals now.

Find a Subway Near Me

10. Buffalo Wild Wings

There’s nothing like wings and beer to keep a night going, and some Buffalo Wild Wings locations are open as late as midnight or 2 a.m. You can sign up for the Blazin Rewards program to earn points toward future purchases or visit during the week to take advantage of its day-specific deals.
Find out about all the available Buffalo Wild Wings coupons now.

Find a Buffalo Wild Wings Near Me

11. Arby’s

If you’re looking for something hearty, like a roast beef sandwich at midnight, Arby’s has got you covered. Select locations are open until midnight, and it’s no stranger to deals.
You can get the occasional free sandwich with the purchase of another item, plus many more offers. Be sure to check out all of these deals from Arby’s.

Find an Arby’s Near Me

12. Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are two sides of the same coin, and both of those sides like to stay up late. There are a lot of 24/7 Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. locations, and they all have some solid deals.
The apps tend to carry some offers, including free items with entree purchases and more. Check for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s deals now.

Find a Carl’s Jr. Near Me

Find a Hardee’s Near Me

13. Burger King

The BK Lounge is open late, with plenty of locations open until midnight. You can find all sorts of offers on the Burger King app, and it also hosts contests and other promotional events regularly.
Offers tend to rotate regularly, so check out what kind of deals are available from Burger King now.

Find a Burger King Near Me

14. Hooters

Night owls can take refuge at Hooters until midnight, and joining the HootClub rewards program can help you save on your next nocturnal trip. Members get access to exclusive deals and discounts, including free food on your birthday.
Check out all of the Hooters benefits and discounts now.

Find a Hooter’s Near Me

15. Whataburger

This regional chain is most popular in Texas, but you can find them throughout the South. It’s rare to find a Whataburger that isn’t open 24/7, making it a haven for late-night burger lovers.
Get on the app for Android or iOS to earn rewards, including a free item every five visits.

Find a Whataburger Near Me

16. Krystal

Another Southern chain, Krystal is where you go at 3 a.m. if you want to fill your face with a half-dozen steamed sliders. Krystal is usually open 24/7, and there are tons of coupons available at
There are some seriously good deals in there, so you should definitely check it out.

Find a Krystal Near Me

17. Waffle House

Waffle House is famous for its dedication to remaining open 24/7, even in the face of hurricanes and other natural disasters.
If you’re looking to score some discounts and deals from Waffle House, consider joining its Regulars Club to get access to exclusive offers.

Find a Waffle House Near Me

18. Jack In The Box

You can trust Jack In The Box’s consistent hours, as pretty much every location is open 24/7.
Download the app to get 15% off your first order, plus access to other sales and offers, as well. You can also sign up for its promotional program to get email offers and other exclusives. Check out all the available deals at Jack In The Box now.

Find a Jack In The Box Near Me

19. Wendy’s

Wendy’s hours vary store by store, but many locations are open after midnight, and a few that are even 24 hours.
You can save at Wendy’s in a few ways, including downloading the Wendy’s app and signing up for emails. Check out all of Wendy’s delicious deals now.

Find a Wendy’s Near Me

20. Applebee’s

Applebee’s isn’t just a lunch spot. There are lots of locations open until midnight, with quite a few ways to save.
It offers tons of coupons and combo sales, and every once in a while you can find one of its infamous $1 cocktail specials. Find out which Applebee’s offers are available now.

Find an Applebee’s Near Me

21. Krispy Kreme

There’s nothing like a warm donut at midnight to fill the soul, and Krispy Kreme is definitely known for its fillings. You can get a free donut just for registering with the Krispy Kreme Rewards program, and find other rewards in the process.
Kirspy Kreme is pretty much always looking for a reason to give you a free donut, so check out what deals are on offer at Krispy Kreme now.

Find a Krispy Kreme Near Me

22. Sonic

When people talk about fast food, it’s hard not to mention this iconic drive-in. Sonic Drive-In offers loads of deals through its app, and you can get a free drink just for downloading it. Check out all of these offers from Sonic now.

Find a Sonic Near Me

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