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Do you worry that porch pirates will run off with your delivered packages if you’re not home to accept them? Are you in need of a last-minute gift but don’t have time to run home to pick up the delivery before the party starts? Amazon Locker has you covered.

Amazon Locker is not only a secure delivery system but an efficient solution for picking up packages when out of town or on the go. Unfamiliar with Amazon Locker? Here’s everything you need to know on how to use them and where to find one near you.

What is Amazon Locker?

amazon lockers

Amazon Locker is a secure locker system that uses a self-service kiosk to access Amazon package deliveries on days, evenings, and weekends. Whether you need a last-minute gift but don’t have time to run home and grab it, you need something delivered to you while out of town on vacation, or you feel more comfortable having packages delivered to a secure locker rather than left on your front step, Amazon Locker is a great solution. 

How do I use Amazon Locker at check out?

Checking out using an Amazon Locker is actually easier than you think.

  1. Sign into your Amazon account and shop Amazon like usual.
  2. Once you’ve filled your cart, select “Proceed to checkout.”
  3. Under the shipping address, choose “See nearby pickup locations.”
  4. Enter the city, zip code, address, or nearby landmark to search for Amazon Lockers in your vicinity
  5. Select the Amazon Locker location you prefer.
  6. Add your payment information.
  7. Select “Place your order.”

Is it free to use Amazon Locker?

Yes, it is free to use Amazon Locker as a delivery hub, but you’ll still need to pay standard shipping fees on items unless you’re an Amazon Prime Member

Prime members will continue to receive free two-day, one-day, or same-day delivery to any Amazon Locker. 

Pros and Cons of Using Amazon Locker

amazon packages at doorstep

Amazon Lockers can be incredibly helpful, but there are a few downsides to using the service, and not all situations would benefit from using this system for delivery. 

Pros of Using Amazon Locker

  • More secure than orders being left on your doorstep.
  • Easy to retrieve packages using six-digit code, barcode, or Amazon Shopping app.
  • Lockers have compartments of various sizes to accommodate different size packages.
  • No extra fee to use this secure delivery system.
  • Pick up packages on your way to a party, if you’re out of town, or need the item to be a surprise.

Cons of Using Amazon Locker

  • Package limitations may prevent you from having a large, heavy, or valuable package delivered securely.
  • Must drive to a specific location to retrieve your package.
  • Limited to people located near an Amazon Locker location, may not be easily accessible to rural shoppers.
  • Lockers located inside businesses may not be accessible outside of business hours.

How do I find an Amazon Locker location?

Amazon Locker has more than 900 locations across the United States. Lockers are typically located in or near gas stations, grocery stores, and malls. 

To find an Amazon Locker near you, enter in the city, zip code, address, or nearest landmark. 

How do I pick up my items from Amazon Locker?

woman picking up package at amazon locker

Once your order is delivered to the locker, you’ll receive a delivery confirmation email. Orders can be picked up in one of two ways — using the six-digit pickup code or barcode in the email or using Bluetooth connection via the Amazon Shopping app on your phone. 

To use the six-digit code or barcode at an Amazon Locker:

  1. Find the locker location you selected at checkout.
  2. Find the six-digit pickup code or barcode in your delivery confirmation email.
  3. Enter the six-digit code into the touchscreen, self-service kiosk, or scan the barcode using the scanner located under the touchscreen display.
  4. Once your order is entered into the kiosk, the locker containing your items automatically pops open. 
  5. Retrieve your items and close the locker. 

To use the Amazon Shopping app on your phone:

  1. Find the locker location you selected at checkout.
  2. Select “Start pickup” in your delivery confirmation email from your phone. Pressing this button will open the pickup page in the app.
  3. Once the page loads, it will automatically connect via Bluetooth to the Amazon Locker location.
  4. Select “Open locker” and the locker door containing your items should pop open.
  5. Retrieve your items and close the locker.

You have three days to retrieve your order from any Amazon Locker. If you fail to pick up your order, Amazon will take the order back and refund you for the purchase.

What are the package limits for Amazon Lockers?

While Amazon Lockers are extremely useful for ensuring packages are delivered safely, as you can imagine there are some package limitations. 

  • Weight limit: Packages must weigh less than 10 pounds to be eligible for Amazon Locker delivery. 
  • Size: Packages must also be smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches in order to fit into one of the lockers. 
  • Value: Purchase must be less than $5,000 in value.
  • Hazardous contents: Orders must not contain any hazardous materials.

Can I use Amazon Locker to drop off items for returns?

Certain Amazon purchases can be returned using any Amazon Locker, no matter where it was originally delivered. 

Initiate your return on Amazon, and check to see if your item qualifies for Amazon Locker return. If it does and there is availability at an Amazon Locker near you, you can simply enter your return code into the self-service kiosk when you locate the locker and place your item inside.

Learn more in our Amazon Returns Guide.

Do you need to be a Prime Member to use Amazon Locker?

amazon lockers

No, you do not need a Prime Membership to use an Amazon Locker. Amazon Lockers are available to any shopper interested in taking advantage of the secured delivery system. Of course, you’ll need to ensure there is an Amazon Locker location near you.

Are Amazon Lockers safe?

Yes, Amazon Lockers are an incredibly safe way to have packages delivered. Rather than the delivery driver leaving the package at your doorstep or in the lobby of your apartment building where it can be stolen by thieves, your Amazon package will be locked inside a box that can only be opened with a six-digit code, barcode, or using the Amazon Shopping app.

Now that you’re familiar with Amazon Locker and how it works, you may want to use the secure delivery system next time you order. 


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