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The Best Mouse and Keyboard Bundles that Work With Modern Computer Ports

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A reliable mouse and keyboard are among the most important parts of any PC setup. These are available in a variety of connection options, although USB-C is arguably the best among the bunch. These connections – while still fairly uncommon but growing in popularity – are much faster than their old USB-A counterparts, offering lightning fast response times and a slimmer design that works well for electronics with small footprints. In fact, many USB-C keyboards mimic this minimalistic theme, offering portable designs much smaller than you’d find in a traditional USB-A lineup.
Unfortunately, not many companies are offering these products in a bundle – a marketing strategy that is popular with USB-A products – making it necessary to buy your mouse and keyboard individually. However, there are a few popular USB-C products on the market, along with several Bluetooth bundles that are a great alternative to USB devices.
Whether you’re looking for a cheap wired connection or a high-end wireless bundle, here are the best USB-C mouse and keyboard bundles currently available.

Why Consider a USB-C Mouse or Keyboard?

While USB-A connections still dominate the market, there’s good reason to consider a USB-C mouse or keyboard. Namely, the technology is newer, faster and included by default in most upcoming electronics. A variety of tablets, smartphones and PCs can now take advantage of the connection, providing you with speed and reliability not seen in the aging USB-A. Plus, if you own a computer made in the last couple years, you may need to connect an external hub just to use USB-A devices.
In short, USB-C ports are an improvement upon everything great about USB-A ports. If your current smartphone or PC features one of the sleek new connections, it’s in your best interest to start using it – you might be surprised at how much better it truly is.

The Best Wired USB-C Mouse And Keyboard Bundles

Credit: Jelly Comb Store
If affordability is at the top of your list when shopping for a mouse and keyboard, opting for a wired USB-C connection is the way to go. These are typically priced much lower than their wireless counterparts, and you won’t have to worry about running out of charge or replacing the battery. They also tend to result in lag-free input – an issue that can impact any sort of wireless device.
The only real drawback to these products is the need to have two free USB-C ports (one for each device) and the unsightly cables that will be strewn across your desk. There also aren’t very many wired bundles available – in fact, there aren’t many high-quality USB-C mice to begin with – so you’ll have to do a bit of shopping around to find both products.
Of the available products, however, here are some of our favorites:

The Keychron K2 is the Swiss Army Knife of USB-C keyboards. Featuring both Bluetooth and wired USB-C connection modes, you can use the K2 whichever way best fits your current setup – keep it plugged in when working at the office, then slip it into your backpack for some work at the local café. The keyboard is built for gaming as well, so you know you’re getting a quality, responsive product.

Designed specifically for Apple devices, the Macally Thin Keyboard is also compatible with any Android device that features a USB-C port. Like the Keychron K2, this product includes both wired and wireless connectivity, although it sets itself apart with 20 shortcut keys specific to macOS.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, this full-sized keyboard is an affordable option that is built to run on all the latest electronics. It also features 11 convenient hot keys, giving you the ability to quickly change the music volume, skip tracks or open a messaging app.

If you like everything offered by the Perixx Wired keyboard but need it in a smaller footprint, the Mini Keyboard is a perfect fit. Featuring an almost identical stat sheet – but losing the number pad for increased portability – the Mini Keyboard is a great option if you need something that will easily fit in your backpack or suitcase.

If you can get past the flashy RGB exterior, there’s a lot to love about the Attoe USB-C Mouse. Adjustable lighting modes, an ergonomic design and four adjustable DPI levels mean you can customize its performance to your heart’s content.

The Best Wireless USB-C Mouse and Keyboard Bundles

wireless mouse
Credit: Jelly Comb Store
If you’re looking for a wireless mouse or keyboard that is affordable, reliable and compatible with a variety of electronics, there’s not a better choice than a setup using a USB-C receiver. These products still connect using your USB-C port, although you’ll simply be attaching a small receiver to the outlet instead of an unsightly cord. Your mouse and keyboard will then transmit signals to the receiver, letting you work without the need for cords or a lengthy syncing process.
Wireless USB-C connections are popular for their convenience and ease of use. Simply plug in the receiver and your wireless connections should sync automatically. That also means you can quickly switch your connection from one device to another without breaking a sweat – just unplug the receiver for the current device, plug it into the new one and you’re ready to start working without fiddling with lengthy cords or syncing Bluetooth connections.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many keyboards that take advantage of this wireless technology. Instead, you’ll want to look at either Bluetooth or wired USB-C connections. However, there are a few notable wireless USB-C mice available – both of which are built specifically for portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The Seenda Wireless Mouse is a no-frills wireless mouse. It comes with a USB-A and USB-C receiver so you can quickly switch between two connections and boasts an ergonomic design that should relieve wrist tension while you work.

Built with a single receiver featuring both a USB-A and USB-C connection, this Jelly Comb mouse is a great choice if you require flexibility. You can easily connect it to your old laptop’s USB-A port before unplugging it and using it with your new MacBook’s USB-C port. It also features three adjustable DPI settings so you can calibrate its use across devices.

The Best Wireless Bluetooth Mouse And Keyboard Bundles

wireless keyboard and mouse
Credit: Microsoft
If your laptop, tablet or PC ports are already clogged with peripherals, your best option is to find a mouse and keyboard that connect through Bluetooth. This sort of connection requires no USB receivers or open ports. Instead, it’ll pair to your device the same way you pair wireless headphones to your smartphone.
Bluetooth products are especially popular with Surface Pro and tablet owners, as there are often only a few available ports on these devices. Even if you use just one USB receiver for both mouse and keyboard, many tablets won’t have a second USB port available for secondary connections – making Bluetooth products the perfect solution.
Be sure to check your product for Bluetooth compatibility before making a purchase, although this shouldn’t be a problem for most modern devices. The only drawback to Bluetooth products is their price, which is a bit inflated compared to their wired peers. If you don’t have any available ports or need to keep one free for external connections, the following bundles are more than worth a look:

The mouse and keyboard in this combo look absolutely stunning – especially for a bundle under $100. The ultra-thin, modern designs will instantly become the centerpiece of your setup and the Bluetooth 4.0 connection ensures you’ll never fall prey to dreaded input lag.

This bundle might carry a lofty price tag, but it comes with the ability to connect to your computer using both Bluetooth or a wireless USB-A receiver. It also features Logitech Flow technology, which lets you control up to three computers with one mouse.
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