How to get Free (or Refunded) Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Repair

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In response to a class-action lawsuit, Nintendo is now offering free repairs on Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers that experience drift issues. If you encounter any sort of drift problem, Nintendo will send you a free UPS shipping label, no questions asked (other than a basic intake form).

How to Submit a Repair Claim:

  1. Fill out an intake form on Nintendo’s website.
  2. When you receive your UPS label, package your damaged Joy-Cons in a padded box or envelope.
  3. Drop off your package at any UPS facility and wait for further updates from Nintendo

Submit Repair Order to Nintendo

Previously the repairs cost $40 outside of warranty. However, don’t despair if you’ve already shelled out some cash to get your Joy-Cons fixed — Nintendo is also offering full refunds for previous repairs with proof of purchase. It’s also worth noting this deal is currently only available in North America.
As we all know, the Nintendo Switch costs upwards of $300 before you buy any games, and extra Joy-Cons will run you another $70 each. For all its ingenuity, the Switch is undeniably an investment, and frankly speaking Link should stand completely still when you’re not touching the controller.

What is Joy-Con Drift?

For the past several months, Switch users have reported an unfortunate phenomenon called “Joy-Con drift,” wherein Joy-Con controller sticks move and manipulate games without the player actually touching them. If the defective controller was over a year old, users had to shell out $40 for drift repair that didn’t even solve the problem 100% of the time.
Slickdealer excuse_me described a frustrating controller repair experience. Their Joy-Con started drifting right out of the box, and while Nintendo didn’t charge them a repair fee, they found the problem persisted when their controller came back two weeks later.
Despite numerous online reports, Nintendo dragged its feet on recognizing the drifting Joy-Con problem until a class action lawsuit processed at the beginning of this week.

The suit reads:
“The complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, alleges that the joysticks on Joy-Con controllers are defective, leading users to experience drift issues.  Specifically, the complaint alleges that the joystick on the Joy-Con controllers will automatically register movement when the joystick is not being controlled by the user and interfere with gameplay.”
Despite the initial frustrations, Slickdealers who have utilized the new repair service already seem pleased with the results. User Hilariousfog453 reports the process was not just expedient, but they even received brand new, updated Joy-Cons for their troubles.
Once your Joy-Cons are re-calibrated and moving smoothly, why not break them in with a new game? Set up Deal Alerts on the Nintendo titles you have your eye on and we will let you know when the games go on sale.

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  • Deal Value: Drift repair for Joy-Con controllers is now free; customers who previously paid for drift repair can receive a refund.
  • Time Frame: Until further notice.
  • Things to Remember: To receive a repair refund, you’ll need to provide proof of the transaction. You can only claim this deal if you live in North America.

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