Walmart is the Last Store Selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars For $10 Off

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  • Release Date: Sept. 18th, 2020
  • Editions Available: Standard
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • MSRP: $59.99

Released on September 18th, 2020, Super Mario 3D All-Stars includes remakes of Nintendo 64’s Super Mario 64, GameCube’s Super Mario Sunshine, and Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy. However, Nintendo decided to make the game available for a limited time, and pulled the game from digital and (most) physical shelves on March 31st, 2021.
While it’s true that some 3rd-party vendors are now selling the game for more than full price (digital copies have gotten exceptionally expensive) it seems as though most of the big-name retailers stocked up on physical copies so you didn’t have to.
Seemingly unphased by Nintendo’s ruling, Walmart is still selling the game for $49.95, or about $10 off MSRP. This is the all-time-low price for the game, and likely the best deal you’ll be getting, based on how hungry scalpers seem to be for this title.

Check Mario 3D All-Stars Deal at Walmart

Alternatively, most other major retailers still have the game in-stock, albeit for a higher price.
It’s rather odd to lock away a game that’s bound to be popular for years if it remained on the market. Nintendo hasn’t divulged the reasoning behind the decision, although we’d be surprised if it wasn’t some sort of financial experiment to see how many people would make an early purchase. It certainly worked for Disney back in the ’90s when it operated its controversial “Vault.”

Where to Order Super Mario 3D All Stars

Nintendo isn’t one for exclusive editions, and Super Mario 3D All-Stars largely continues that trend. A few different stores offered exclusive swag as pre-order bonuses, but those were pretty much all gone come launch day.
While technically, no retailers are supposed to carry this game anymore, it seems like some are selling off the dregs of their physical stock. However, be warned – sites like Amazon or eBay that offer listings from 3rd-party merchants are currently rife with overpriced listings for the game.
If the below sale links are out of stock and you really want the game still, you’ll likely be okay going with a reputable 3rd-party merchant. However, as Deal Hunters, it hurts us to see you pay over full price for an item we’ve seen go on sale many times. As such, we recommend you strike while the iron is still hot, as it may not ever be again.



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What’s New in Super Mario 3D All-Stars?

The biggest changes to the three titles come in the form of graphic upgrades and adjustments to the control scheme. All games support HD resolutions and Super Mario Galaxy will let you use the Joy-Cons in lieu of the Wii’s unique Nunchuks. You’ll also be able to select from over 175 soundtracks to listen to while stomping on Goombas. The only bad news is for Switch Lite owners, as they’ll have to purchase detached Joy-Cons in order to play.
Beyond that one issue, the collection looks to be a great way to experience these classic titles. There’s no doubt that all three of them have aged well — thanks to timeless level design — and adding a layer of polish to the graphics and tweaking the controls is all that was needed to bring them to a new generation. And, if you never had the chance to check out any of these iconic adventures, this is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Mario’s 3D shenanigans.

Earn a Collectible Super Mario Bros. Anniversary Pin Set

Nintendo is giving you the chance to earn an exclusive pin set that pays tribute to 35 years of Super Mario Bros. You’ll first need to purchase Super Mario 3D All-Stars, then head online and tackle a few simple missions. Most of these are straightforward and offer you a great way to celebrate the mustachio’d plumber’s anniversary. Six missions are available, but you only need to complete four to earn your pin set. They are as follows:

  • Visit the official Super Mario website.
  • Take the Super Mario quiz.
  • Download your “This is my Mario!” image.
  • Try the Super Mario Music Player.
  • Race in the Super Mario Kart Tour event.
  • Purchase the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game.

Once you’ve finished, make sure you’ve played the game on your profile and wait for your account to update. As long as the missions were completed using the same Nintendo ID as you use on the Switch, everything should sync and you’ll be rewarded with a pin set. Note that there is a limited supply, so it’s best to knock these out ASAP.
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