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Ever misplace your car keys? Forget where you parked? Can’t find your medication when you need it? We’ve all been there!

But Apple is here to help, yet again. Apple AirTags are tracking devices that offer a discreet way of tracking certain items or people (with their permission of course). These mini trackers are meant to make life easier and cause less panic when you lose important items in your life. Here are some practical everyday uses for your AirTags.

How do Apple AirTags work?

hand holding phone using apple air tags to locate items
Credit: Apple

The AirTag does not have its own GPS tracker, cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Instead, the AirTag sends out secure Bluetooth signals to nearby Apple devices, which will then be sent to your iCloud and can be accessed through your Find My app. Using this technology, the AirTag can leverage the more than one billion iOS devices around the world to pick up its location.

AirTags work best and have full functionality with Apple devices using iOS 14.5 and Apple’s U1 chip, which include iPads, Macs, and iPhone 6 or newer devices.

How do I find items using AirTags?

phones looking for keys with airtags
Credit: Apple

If you need to find an item with an AirTag attached:

  1. Go to the Find My app on your iPhone.
  2. The app will show where the device is located on a map along with a timestamp that indicates the last time it was detected.
  3. Move closer to the item to find the precise location. As soon as you’re close enough to your AirTag, your iPhone will begin giving you directions in the Find My app via a moving arrow until you find your AirTag.
  4. You can also choose to play a sound to help you narrow down where the item is.

There’s no need to use the AirTags on AirPods if you’re lost them, as there are easy ways to find your lost Apple AirPods.

Can you use AirTags with Android devices?

tracker detect app
Credit: Apple

If you’re one of the many Android users out there, you can still use AirTags. AirTags can be scanned with any Android device that has an NFC reader, but they cannot be used to pair with AirTags.

You will need to download an app called “Tracker Detect” from the Google Play Store to help you use AirTags with Apple’s Find My network.

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How long do Apple AirTags last?

AirTags are designed to last more than one year on a standard battery. Your iPhone will notify you when your battery life is low on your AirTags.

AirTag batteries use CR2032 lithium 3V coin batteries.

How do I attach Apple AirTags?

apple air tag keychain and hermes airtag chain
Credit: Apple

Attaching Apple AirTags is easy. AirTags can be attached to your belongings using AirTag accessories, such as a keychain ring, luggage tag, bag charm, or loops.

AirTags are IP67 water-resistant, so it has protection if it’s submerged in water. But you can also purchase waterproof cases for AirTags for extra protection.

Will I know if someone is tracking me with AirTags?

While it may sound like AirTags can be used for stalking if in the wrong hands, Apple has a built-in anti-stalking feature that lets you know if an AirTag is traveling with you. If someone happens to slip an unknown AirTag in your car, pocket, or purse, you will be notified of that device on your iPhone.

Practical Ways To Use AirTags in Your Everyday Life

apple air tag use on iphone
Credit: Apple

So, what do AirTags do? They can be helpful in a lot of different situations, but these are some of the most common uses:

1. Find Your Personal Belongings

Say goodbye to frantically tearing your house apart searching for your car keys or wallet when you’re late for work or a doctor’s appointment. Attach an AirTag to your key ring or slip one inside your wallet and you’ll always be able to find your valuable belongings when you misplace them.

You can do the same with other personal items like your:

  • Purse
  • Laptop bag
  • Employee badge
  • Camera
  • Other expensive items

2. Always Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Ever wandered through a parking lot hitting the lock button on your key fob over and over until you heard your car honking? Cut down on time wasted searching for your vehicle by sticking an AirTag in your car.

3. Find Your Stolen Bike

If you ever had a bike stolen, you know it’s near impossible to find it. Now, if your bike is stolen but you’ve attached an AirTag to it, you’ll increase your chances of finding it.

4. Keep Track of Young Children

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World, the local theme park, even Costco? Children tend to wander off the moment you turn away, which can cause extreme panic for parents.

Keep your children safe by having them wear an AirTag and avoid the panic of having to find them in a sea of crowds.

5. Find Lost Pets

Much like children, pets sometimes get curious and wander off. You can easily track lost pets if they’re wearing an AirTag on their collar.

6. Locate Life-Saving Medication Quickly

This tip could save a life. Have a child with severe allergic reactions? Store an AirTag with the EpiPens so they never go without medical help in an emergency.

7. Keep Track of Elders

If you have an elderly parent living alone you likely worry for their safety. A loved one experiencing dementia can easily get confused about their location. AirTags can give peace of mind in case your loved one gets lost in the neighborhood.

8. Find Lost Luggage

AirTags can find your lost luggage faster than the airlines. If an airline has trouble locating your bag, AirTags can be an easy way to help airline staff find your lost bags.

9. Create a Fun Scavenger Hunt

For those looking to have some fun, AirTags make a great accessory for scanger hunts. You can hide AirTags around the house or backyard and see who can track them the fastest. To make it even more challenging, encrypt messages in the AirTags and have the players solve puzzles when AirTags are scanned.

10. Find Your Child’s Favorite Toy

If you have children, you know there’s that one blanket or toy they take everywhere with them. Of course, this means it could easily get lost or accidentally left somewhere and be gone for good. No need for tears if you have an AirTag attached to that beloved artifact.

As you can see, Apple AirTags are an easy and efficient way to keep your loved ones and belongings safe. No more panic when you’ve misplaced your items or someone from your group.

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