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Stay Healthy with These 10 Affordable Gadget Cleaning Essentials

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If you stop and think about how often you touch your phone or tablet screen throughout the course of the day, it is actually quite nasty. Personally, my phone alone is always in my hand. Now, count how many times you’ve cleaned these items in the past week or month even.
Daily cleaning of our phones and other technology isn’t something most people think about often, but it’s actually incredibly important in stopping the spread of sickness. And you definitely don’t want to be putting something that has 10 times the bacteria of most toilet seats on your face, do you?
With everything going around, it’s important to not overlook the cleanliness of your gadgets. From a smartphone sanitizer that utilizes UV technology to remove germs to a simple microfiber cloth that helps gets the cleaning done, there are a variety of tech cleaning essentials you should have on deck to make sure you’re staying as safe and healthy as possible.
Trust me, you won’t be able to resist adding it all to your cart and giving everything a thorough scrub down.

10 Tech Cleaning Products You Need Now

1. WHOOSH! Screen Shine Cleaning Kit

Regular Price: $19.99
Wipe down all your surfaces with WHOOSH!. It’s safe for all screens and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your equipment. The brand claims that it will leave your stuff 99.99% clean — now that’s a solid guarantee.
Grab the cleaning kit ASAP — which includes screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth — for only $19.99 at Best Buy.
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2. Tech Armor Cleaning Kit

Regular Price: $16.45
Whether it’s your phone, laptop or Nintendo Switch, Tech Armor is ready to keep anything tech-related squeaky clean.
For $16.45 at Walmart, you’ll get a pack of 20 cleaning wipes — which you can easily use to swipe germs away — and so much more. The kit also includes four gel screen cleaners, two portable versions and two large microfiber cloths.

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3. Made By Design Microfiber Dust Cloths (2 Pack)

Regular Price: $4.99
While most tech cleaning products come with microfiber cloths, it never hurts to have extra in your home. They’re super soft, won’t wear down your electronics and will last a long time.
You can throw the cloths in the wash and reportedly reuse them for up to two years. Snag a pack of two from Target for less than $5.

Check Out Microfiber Cloths

4. Zeiss LCD Clean Screen Wipes

Regular Price: $12.95
Did you have your phone pressed up on your face because you forgot to charge your bluetooth headphones? Zeiss’ screen wipes can help with that.
A pack of 100 sells for just $12.95 at Walmart and one swipe can instantly remove dirt, grease or whatever else from your devices. Not to worry, the wipes dry quickly and won’t leave a streak behind.

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5. PhoneSoap Pro

Regular Price: $119.95
There’s no wiping required with the PhoneSoap Pro. All you have to do is put your phone inside the sanitizer and the UV technology will do the rest.
It’s large enough to fit most smartphones, but you can also use it to clean smaller tech gadgets like Apple Airpods. Overall, the company claims it will give your items the deep clean they desperately need.
Given its convenience and innovation, having one in your life will cost you $119.95. It may be a higher price tag, but it’s worth it to make sure your stuff is germ-free. Sadly, due to the high demand, only pre-orders are available at this time and most products won’t ship out until May 2020.

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6. Tech Taffy Dust-Devouring Compound

Sale Price: $9.59 | Regular Price: $11.99
For a fun way to get dust, crumbs and everything in between out of your keyboard, pick up the Tech Taffy compound for under $10 at The Container Store.
The compound stretches and can reach those hard to reach spots on keyboards or car consoles. You simply press it down, lift and repeat until what’s in the keys is gone. Feel free to use it for remotes or similar items that can be frustrating to disinfect.
Deal Tip: All office supplies including the Tech Taffy compound are currently 20% off at The Container Store, take advantage of the discount while it lasts.

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7. TeraGlove Microfiber Screen Cleaner

Regular Price: $19.95
TeraGlove has an affordable, easy-to-use cleaner for as little as $19.95. You just put your hand into the square shaped cleaning device for a proper electronics wipe down.
Stop using your hands or wiping things on your clothes and switch to this method instead.

Check Out TeraGloves

8. 2pk Magnetic Headphone Or Glasses Holder Clip & Lens Cleaner

Sale Price: $3 | Regular Price: $12
two-pack lens cleaner will cost you a cool $3 at Deal Genius. Yup, it’s cheaper than a Frappuccino from Starbucks. All in all, it’s a simple and convenient way to always have something to wipe down your tech gear with.
Moreover, it’s magnetic and doubles as a holder for headphones or a pair of sunglasses.
Deal Tip: Additionally, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Deal Genius site. User Bruinnn pointed out that you can get a wide range of office organizers starting at just $5.

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9. The Virus Destroying 10-Minute Smartphone Sanitizer

Regular Price: $99.95
If you don’t want to wait until May for a phone sanitizer of your own, Hammacher Schlemmer has one available in April for $99.95. This option is sleek and uses the same ultra-violet technology to get rid of 99.9% of viruses, germs and more in just 10 minutes.
Deal Tip: Get on Hammacher Schlemmer’s subscribers list to save $10 on your next purchase of $99 or more.

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10. HoMedics UV-CLEAN Phone Sanitizer

Regular Price: $79.99
Can’t wait until April and want a UV phone cleaner even sooner? HoMedics has this phone sanitizer currently in-stock and for an even lower price tag of $79.99.
This version can even be collapsed to be able to fit in your purse or backpack. According to the product description, it cleans phones in only one minute (30 seconds on each side). What a win.
Deal Tip: HoMedics has a give 20%, get 20% promotion where if you share the newsletter link, you and your friends can both get a 20% off referral discount.

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