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The wild success of the Nintendo Switch has cemented it as one of the all-time greatest video game systems, and it’s still a hot item at retail more than five years after release. 

Luckily, Switch availability has improved recently, but retailers still have little incentive for offering discounts on such a popular device (beware of Switch bundles that look like deals but actually aren’t). But if you search hard enough, there are still dollars to be saved on getting your Nintendo fix.

Since hardware deals are relatively scarce, I have combined a mix of both hardware and software deals, so whether you’re looking to buy a new Switch or games for the one you already have, it’s worth sifting through this compilation of Nintendo Switch deals. 

As the self-proclaimed resident Nintendo expert, I’ve also put together tips and discounts on the best accessories.

Current Nintendo Switch Deals from Major Retailers

Nintendo Switch OLED
Credit: Nintendo/Slickdeals

Discounts on new Switch consoles are scarce and come with minimal savings, but there are still dollars to be saved. In addition, I’ve listed some of the best deals on top Switch games.


This is currently the best price for a new Nintendo Switch OLED but, oddly, it’s being sold out of the UK. Shipping is free, and the Switch isn’t region locked, so it’ll play games sold in America without issue.

But that also means the included power supply, while compatible with 110v, won’t physically plug into a US wall outlet without an adapter. The Switch console itself can be charged with any USB-C charger, but the dock (which lets you play Switch on your TV) requires the OEM power supply to work. To use the dock, then, you’ll need to acquire a separate wall adapter or a new charger if you don’t have either of them already.




Up to $40 off Refurbished Switch consoles: Gamestop has one of the best third-party, refurbished hardware programs, with savings of up to $40 on Switch hardware. 

Sam’s Club

10% off Nintendo eShop Credit

How to Choose the Right Nintendo Switch for You

All varieties of Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo/Slickdeals

There are three distinct models of the Nintendo Switch console. Here’s what differentiates them so you can choose which one makes the most sense for you.

Switch Lite 

This is the cheapest ($199.99 full price) and most portable version of the Switch, which makes it the best option for those on a tight budget or who just want to play some new Nintendo games on the go. 

Since the Switch Lite is effectively portable only, it cannot be docked and connected to a TV, which is a defining feature of the regular Switch. It also lacks removable Joy-Con controllers, which could lead to some game-compatibility issues and limitations (think about games that use the Joy-Cons as motion controllers, like tennis, golf, or dancing). Something to keep in mind when contemplating your future gaming collection. 

Switch (regular model) 

This is the original version of the Switch and the middle option in terms of price ($299.99). It has all the hybrid functionality that’s missing from the Switch Lite, but isn’t quite as fancy as the newer (and more expensive) Switch OLED. If your budget is tight or you don’t want to spend time hunting an elusive OLED Switch down, a regular Switch will serve you well.

Switch OLED 

At $349.99, the OLED model is the premium Switch experience, boasting completely overhauled hardware. The larger 7-inch display is much improved over the 6.2-inch screen on the regular model, boasting better colors and deeper contrast. Other hardware improvements include a stronger kickstand, improved sound quality, double the internal storage (64GBs), and an overall superior build quality.

How to Get the Best Deals on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite
Credit: iStock

The easiest way to save money on Nintendo Switch gaming is on the games themselves, rather than the hardware. Most Switch games carry an MSRP of $59.99, but it’s not hard to find many of the console’s best games for $50 or significantly less, as shown in the deal compilation above. Also, keep an eye on the “Great Deals” section in the Nintendo eShop (the digital store also accessible via the Switch Home menu) for a continuous stream of discounted games.

Likewise, the expensive Switch Pro controller, normally $70, can go for much cheaper if you keep your eye out (the Walmart website is a particularly good place to frequent for Switch games and accessory deals). 

As for consoles, if you really want to save a few bucks, you might consider picking up a refurbished unit. Nintendo itself offers a pretty good refurb program, and GameStop also has a large selection of refurbished Switch consoles, both of which can save you around $40 on a Switch console. 

Holiday deals for the Switch are rare, and when they’re live, you’ll have to be quick to grab one before the shelves are picked clean. Set up Deal Alerts, and have your speed-order fingers on a constant state of high alert if that’s the moment you want to strike for.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo/Slickdeals

Is Nintendo Discontinuing the Switch?

No. It’s true that the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017, making it more than five years old now, and historically, Nintendo launches new consoles roughly every five or six years. But this generation is different. Nintendo is enjoying unprecedented success with the Switch, and considering that it continues to top hardware sales charts, Nintendo appears to be in no rush to release a successor. 

Is It Worth Getting a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is incredibly successful, and for good reason. Nintendo has struck upon a winning formula with the hybrid home console/handheld nature of the Switch. It’s no technical powerhouse, but what it lacks in raw performance it makes up for by offering experiences that differentiate it from the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. With unique hardware, some of the best games Nintendo has ever made, and additional access to NES, SNES, and N64 classics via the Nintendo Switch Online service, the Switch is a strong console worth your attention and consideration. 

Can You Watch Netflix on Switch?

The Switch’s tablet-like form factor and portable nature would make it a perfect device for streaming Netflix. But, as ridiculous as it may be, no, you cannot watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch. You can watch YouTube on it, though. Which is nice.

How Much Does a Nintendo Switch Cost Right Now?

There are three models of the Switch. The cheapest is the Switch Lite at $199.99. The regular Nintendo Switch costs $299.99, and the premium Switch OLED is $349.99.

Related Deals and Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

Accessories for Nintendo Switch
Credit: Amazon/Slickdeals

Here’s a list of deals on the best accessories that every Switch owner should consider buying to augment their experience with their new console. 

The Switch’s internal storage soon fills up. Expand your storage space with an inexpensive microSD card so that you don’t have to keep deleting games to make room for new downloads.

For many, the Joy-Con controllers are just a little too small. The Switch Pro controller is a more conventional-sized controller, and this a great price for what is normally an expensive $70 device. 

  • amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

amFilm makes some of the best screen protectors for Switch, and it’s an important upgrade that will protect your screen from scratches when docking or playing touchscreen games. Be sure to get the correct size for your console.

Regular Switch$5.99 | Switch Lite$6.99 | Switch OLED$8.44


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