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The iPhone 11 may be a couple of generations behind, but it is far from obsolete. As Apple’s flagship smartphone for late 2019 through 2020, it brought some nice improvements over the preceding iPhone XR. These upgrades included IP68 water- and dust-resistance, Dolby Atmos support, better night-mode photography, and more. 

Apple has continued to sell the iPhone 11 as a cheaper alternative to enter the iOS ecosystem. And while deals don’t come around as often as with the iPhone 12 or 13, they can still be found with some diligence. To make your search easier, you can find a compilation of all the current iPhone 11 deals below.

Current iPhone 11 Deals from Major Retailers and Carriers

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The prices listed are after taking promotions and discounts into account. While some prices vary, other factors like customer service, store-specific gift cards, protection plans, freebies, and more may be crucial in your decision-making.

  • Get $100 to $650 off when you trade in an iPhone 8 or newer.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Apple

Base: Free

Metro by T-Mobile

  • In-Store Offer: Save up to $400 via instant rebate on the full retail price when you keep your number and visit a store. Plus tax. Qualifying plan required.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Metro by T-Mobile

Base: $99.99


  • Get up to $250 off via 24 monthly bill credits with a new line.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at T-Mobile

Base: $249.99


  • Get up to $250 off via 24 monthly bill credits with a new line.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Sprint

Base: $249.99

Total Wireless

  • Get $100 off the iPhone 11. Service plan is required for activation.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Total Wireless

Base: $299.99

Best Buy

  • Save $200 with a SIMPLE Mobile Prepaid iPhone 11.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Best Buy

Base: $299.99

Sam’s Club

  • Save big on Total Wireless iPhone 11 and plan bundles.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Sam’s Club

Base: $319.00


  • Get a discount on a preowned iPhone 11.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Visible

Base: $324.00


  • Save $100 on the iPhone 11.
  • A service plan is required for activation.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Tracfone

Base: $329.99


  • Add a new line and save $150 with an eligible connected device and smartphone.

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Verizon

Base: $349.99


  • Enjoy discounts on an assortment of refurbished and fully unlocked iPhone 11s.
  • Includes LiquidNano Screen Protector (a $19.99 value).

Lowest iPhone 11 Prices at Walmart

Base: $399.98

How to Choose the Right iPhone 11 for You

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The iPhone 11 is available in three models, with some minor differences between them. Here are their key specs:

iPhone 11

  • 6.1” Liquid Retina HD display 
  • A13 Bionic chip
  • Dual 12MP Rear Camera System
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life

iPhone 11 Pro

  • 5.8” Super Retina XDR display
  • A13 Bionic chip
  • Triple 12MP Rear Camera System
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life

iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • 6.5” Super Retina XDR Display
  • A13 Bionic chip
  • Triple 12MP Rear Camera System
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life

The iPhone 11 is one of Apple’s odder generations of their flagship smartphone. The Pro version actually has a smaller screen than the base model. However, the screen makes a jump in quality with the Super Retina XDR Display. 

All models of the iPhone 11 offer the same performance, so picking the right one really depends on your preferences for screen size, camera, and battery life. If you’re looking for the best of each of these categories, then the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the obvious choice, though nowadays it’s quite hard to find this device new, let alone discounted.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the most one-hand friendly of the bunch and features the same photography and videography power as the Pro Max. But as you can see by the aforementioned deals, the Pro is also an elusive one.

How to Get the Best Deals on the iPhone 11

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  • Wait for sales: Since this flagship phone dates back two generations, the low supply of the iPhone 11 is the culprit for its lack of deals. But that doesn’t mean they are nonexistent. The holidays in particular are a great time to get the best deals on a new device. Just be patient and keep an eye on your calendar!
  • Buy refurbished: Another way to get a good deal is by buying refurbished. However, doing so always entails some risk. As long as you do your research and purchase from reputable sources, then you can greatly mitigate the chances of a bad egg. 
  • Watch out for new releases: As we inch closer to a reveal of the next iPhone, we will also see prices for the 11 and its variations drop. If you’re not into chasing the newest and shiniest things to arrive from Apple, then you can expect to save a good amount of money on older devices.
  • Leverage credit card sign-up bonuses: One of the least direct ways to save on an iPhone is to utilize a credit-card deal. These promos pop up all the time, and it’s likely that you’ve seen them. They’ll often say “spend X amount of dollars in three months, and get Y back.” If you can hit the purchase requirements with a couple of iPhones for the family, then you’ve essentially created your own discount.

Set a Deal Alert: There’s no doubt that constantly browsing for deals is hard work. And there is no certainty of when the next big sale will be. The best thing to do is set up a Deal Alert so the next time the iPhone 11 goes on sale, you’ll be ready to strike.

Frequently Asked Questions about the iPhone 11

Apple iphone 11 colors
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Is the iPhone 11 Still Worth Buying?

The phone may have some age on it, but Apple is known for manufacturing products that stand the test of time. Inside the iPhone 11, there is an A13 chip that can still hold its own for today’s tasks and games. And the dual 12MP wide and ultra-wide rear cameras are not far off from what’s found on the current iPhone 13. On top of all that, the device can be updated to iOS 16 so you can enjoy all the latest software changes.

What’s the Difference Between the iPhone 11 and 12?

While Apple tends to make very subtle changes between generations of iPhones, there are quite a few differences between these two. Starting with the display, the iPhone 12 has been upgraded to an OLED screen where the 11 uses an LCD. Being a slightly older device, the iPhone 11 also missed out on modern technologies like MagSafe and 5G. And since the 12 has four models, you get an extra choice in phone size with the iPhone 12 mini.

With all that said, the iPhone 12 has an MSRP that is $200 higher than the iPhone 11. If the aforementioned differences don’t really interest you, then you can enjoy a good amount of savings going for the 11.

Does the iPhone 11 Come with a Charger?

As an initiative to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, Apple no longer includes the charging adapter with the iPhone 11. This change is a bigger issue for new adopters of iPhones rather than users who’ve upgraded from a previous generation. You can purchase the USB-C power adaptor separately from Apple or save a little money by going with an off-brand one from Amazon and other retailers.

Does iPhone 11 Have Fingerprint?

Though Fingerprint ID is widely used by many smartphone brands, Apple isn’t one of them. Instead, the iPhone 11 and beyond favor their Face ID technology. Just like Fingerprint, it is used to securely handle numerous tasks on your iPhone, like authorizing payments with Apple Pay, verifying purchases on apps, and more.

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