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With many companies formally adopting hybrid or fully remote work setups, video meetings are more essential than ever. And as much as laptop cams have improved over the years, there’s only so much quality that a 2 mm lens can deliver.

As always, Dell is leading the charge in providing a thoughtful solution with its new Pro 2K Webcam. Building upon the learnings from the original UltraSharp 4K Webcam, this second iteration offers additional capabilities at a lower price point. 

Let’s take a closer look at the seven best features that make the Dell Pro 2K Webcam an essential device for any office setting.

1.) Advanced Image Signal Processing

Credit: Dell

During my first Zoom meeting using Dell’s Pro 2K Webcam, my co-worker immediately commented on how I looked better, citing the improved lighting, color accuracy, and clarity. He went so far as to think that I built a lighting setup to become a YouTube streamer. 

The reality is that I simply stopped using my laptop webcam, which was making me look like an Oompa Loompa, and benefited from the Pro 2K Webcam’s built-in Sony STARVIS sensor and advanced processing. 

The STARVIS sensor’s expanded range plus Dell’s advanced image signal processing means this webcam is able to deliver accurate color reproduction, even in extreme lighting conditions. Many of us sit next to windows or underneath harsh overhead lighting, so Dell’s post-processing applies temporal (3D) and spatial (2D) noise reduction to eliminate grainy and blurry images. The cam’s face detection capability also means that the image exposure will always be automatically adjusted to showcase the best version of yourself.

2.) Optimal 2K QHD resolution

Credit: Dell

In general, higher resolution is always better when you’re chasing after visual fidelity. But when streaming is involved, my opinion is that a 2K QHD (1440p) resolution is the perfect balance between image quality and bandwidth usage.

Video compression typically occurs when streaming video, and the quality gains from 4K versus 2K start to diminish, especially for work purposes. This ineffectiveness is further exacerbated if the receiving users have their video feed quality set to low – so you’re essentially pushing out data that isn’t being used, and wasting bandwidth. 

With 2K QHD, you’re getting a much crisper image while also saving effort on the amount of data that’s being transmitted. 

3.) AI Auto Framing

Credit: Dell

Sitting completely still for a long period of time is awkward and uncomfortable, and I’m glad that the designers at Dell felt this way too. They’ve included AI-powered auto framing which utilizes the webcam’s high resolution and zoom function to keep me centered in the frame. 

It’s a cool feature that gives me the freedom to lean on an elbow, scoot further away from the desk, or show a visual aid without worrying that people will only see a portion of my face. In fact, it works well enough that I can stand up and pace a bit in front of my desk – its smooth tracking makes it feel like there’s a camera person working behind the scenes. 

4.) Built-in Noise Reduction Mic 

As a desktop PC user, adding a built-in mic makes a huge impact because most premium webcams – the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam included – don’t offer an audio solution. 

So for those of us who don’t use a laptop, we need to have a separate microphone to capture audio or we’re forced to wear headphones/earbuds. 

This built-in mic offers noise reduction technology, has a range of up to three meters, and can be disabled in the Dell Peripheral manager for enhanced privacy. 

5.) Magnetic Privacy Cover

Credit: Dell

You can finally throw away that sticky note camera cover. The Pro 2K Webcam comes standard with a magnetic lens cap that stores nicely behind the camera when you’re streaming. 

It offers just enough magnetic grip to stay on firmly without being too difficult to remove, and you won’t have to worry about misplacing the cap. 

6.) Low-Profile, Tailored Fit

Credit: Dell

I’m a big fan of the compact nature of the Pro 2K Webcam, and I like how it sits directly on top of my monitor without an additional stick & swivel joint. 

Granted, you miss out on left/right angle adjustments, but the low profile nature keeps the lens closer to eye level so your viewers don’t get a bird’s eye view of the room. Plus, a spring-loaded swivel on the underbody means you retain up/down angle adjustments along with snug mounting options for all types of monitors.

There’s also a grippy “foot” that extends to accommodate curved or angular monitor backs so the webcam doesn’t fall backwards. 

7.) Advanced Customizations

Credit: Dell

If your camera usage leans more towards content creation – YouTube or Twitch livestreaming – the Pro 2K Webcam is totally up for the job, too. 

Using the free Dell Peripheral Manager app, you can adjust advanced settings like HDR, field of view, frame rates, and image presets to achieve a preferred aesthetic for your audience. You can then save these settings as independent profiles for quick access in the future.

Where to Buy the Dell Pro 2K Webcam

Credit: Dell

Dell’s new Pro 2K Webcam is available exclusively at, with a current sale price of $109.99 (regular price $134.99). 

For a relatively small investment, you can upgrade your video meetings with a more professional look and feel. 

Shop Dell’s Pro 2K Webcam


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