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There are so many streaming movie site options right now, and it can nickel-and-dime your budget to death. Luckily, there are free movie sites out there that are easy on your wallet and provide an abundance of content without putting you at risk of piracy concerns. We’ve vetted a list of free movie sites to help you find the best options for your streaming needs, at no cost.

The Best Websites To Stream Movies for Free

1. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV made a big splash when debuting in 2020. The best part about this streamer is that the first tier of Peacock TV is free, so you can watch quite a large number of free content without having to pay for a subscription. All you need to do is sign up with your email and you can start watching free movies instantly.

Enjoy hit movies for free, including popular hits like The Proposal, Friday, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and more. For all of you Law & Order fans out there, Peacock TV’s free tier has got you covered.

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BONUS: If you are an existing customer of Xfinity or Spectrum, you might be able to sign up for Peacock Premium, which is the ad-free tier, at no cost. Go to the “My Account” section and log into your cable or service provider to see the deals. 

2. YouTube 

Many would be surprised to learn that YouTube actually has a decent collection of free movies to stream (with ads). Just log into YouTube and head over to the Movies & Shows page to get started.

You’ll see a long list of movies that are Free with Ads, or available to rent at a low cost. Enjoy must-see classics like Fat Albert and foreign hits like the Ip Man movies.  

3. Tubi

Tubi is a completely-free movie service featuring News and popular old-school action films, comedies, horror movies and so much more. There are also family-friendly movies that you can watch with the kids.

There is no option to upgrade without ads, as the platform is free all around. The ads are what keep this service, with more than 35,000 viewing options, free. You can create an account quickly and start watching on a computer, or you can pair it to your TV with an activation code

4. Vudu

Vudu TV

There are plenty of movies for free on Vudu if you don’t mind the ads. There are a wide variety of genres that can satisfy everyone in the family, from crime movies and documentaries, to rom-coms and international films.

If you want more content, you have the option to add payment information and rent or buy one of 200,000 or more popular titles, even recent theater releases. Vudu is part of the Fandango family, a brand etched in the brains of movie lovers nationwide, so there is no shortage of films you can access. 

5. Pluto TV 

Pluto TV gives you immediate access to more than 200 live channels after a quick sign-up option. There’s also a free movie database that houses a lengthy list of on-demand movies and TV shows, including reality TV hits and popular movie classics.

Some of the live streaming channels are a little non-traditional but they cater to specific niches, like a channel that streams horror films 24/7 or one that exclusively streams indie films. But you can still enjoy traditional fare like news and regular cable channels.

Check out the channel lineup to start watching live TV now for free or choose the On-Demand option to look through movies. 

6. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has many free movie options and some original programming. The streaming service boasts “no movie is more than two clicks away.” This is a rather unique channel particularly popular with vintage horror movie fans. But the service also includes a healthy selection of films in other genres, like martial arts, medieval, westerns and so much more.

You don’t need to log in to start watching. The channel states it is 100% legal. It’s part of the Crackle family of streaming services, owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. You can go to the account page and “Opt out of Ads personalization” if you’d like.

7. Crackle

Crackle TV

This streaming channel is also part of the same company that brings you Popcornflix, so you’ll see some familiar movie titles if you’ve already browsed through Popcornflix’s fun database.

You do have to sign up and then you’ll be directed to the main page where you can choose videos or movies to watch. There is some overlap in shows available on Popcornflix, but this is much less of a niche channel than Popcornflix. 

8. Kanopy

Kanopy is a free streaming option that is only available for people with public library cards, which are also usually free and an amazing amenity for the local community. You’ll be impressed with the movies on here, as it includes some recognizable classics and cinema from all over the world.

Find out if your library is a part of the Kanopy program by doing quick search to find out. The service was created to be an extension of a library card, only instead of checking out books, you’re checking out movies or documentaries. 

9. Viki 

Viki calls itself the “Heart of Asian Entertainment” and is the best source for Korean dramas (with still some notable selections from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan). You’ll find endless classics you can binge back-to-back and even dramas that are still airing in Asia. Trust us, there is no shortage of available content to keep you entertained.

One of the fun features of Viki is the Watch Party option, where viewers can stream live movies and shows together while commenting in the live chat. If you find yourself watching a movie alone, join in is viewing party for some additional company.

While there is free content on Viki, there is an option to upgrade to a “Viki Pass”, which will cost up to $10 a month if you want additional content and an ad-free viewing experience.

10. Asiancrush 


Another channel that is dedicated to the growing adoration of Asian films and shows is Asiancrush. The service has an impressive library of Asian films, including popular award-winning films but also some lesser-known indie flicks.

When you create an account, be sure to select the “Start for Free” account, or else it will prompt you for credit card information. When you’re looking at the list of movies and shows, look for an orange box with a crown in it at the top right of the title. That signals it is a premium movie and not free. 

11. Freevee

Freevee is fueled by retail powerhouse Amazon, so you know it’s legal, legit, and loaded with great movies and shows. Freevee is available through the app stores, but you’ll need an Amazon login to get in. If you have Fire TV, you already have free access to this channel. If you go to the Freevee website to watch a movie, it will take you to the Amazon page for viewing. Amazon details how to get Freevee on a variety of devices on its website.

12. The Roku Channel

If you have a Roku device, The Roku Channel is already available to you for free. You can upgrade to a paid level of service, but with the plethora of content available, you’ll still have plenty of options with the free version. The web version of The Roku Channel is also available to watch live or On Demand content from a desktop or laptop.

13. Plex

Plex TV

A quick sign-up gets you right into the Plex website and access to its “Free Movies & TV” content. You’ll have quite a lot to choose from, as it covers a long list of genres, including action films, animated flicks, crime movies and more.

You can also add your own videos, shows, and media of any kind to your own folder on this site. This is where a slippery legal slope comes in. If you upload a DVD from home to this site and share it, that probably is illegal. If you made a home movie and share it, you likely won’t get in legal trouble. Some call this website a harvester of piracy while others say it’s one of the best streaming sites out there. 

14. Sling

Sling offers a variety of free movies and TV shows at no cost. You just sign up on the website or app without having to enter any payment information. You can watch live news, popular movies or highly rated shows. There’s an on-demand section as well, among many in the large list of free content.

Are free movies sites legal? 

Some are and some aren’t. It is up to you as the consumer to do your due diligence before subscribing to a service. Most reputable companies will have an “About” section at the bottom of its website where you can investigate the parent company or legality of a company.

Here are some ways to tell if a streaming website is legal:

  • Any website that asks you to download something suspicious or enter in your private information to watch a free movie can be a red flag. You also should never have to install a VPN to watch movies.
  • Being able to download movies and save them to your computer is another red flag.
  • Also, any legit movie website won’t look like it was made in 1998 and have extremely poor picture quality. 
  • If you’re being bombarded with pop-up ads, it’s most likely that the streams are illegal.

Do I need an account to watch on free movie websites?

Just about all free streaming websites are going to require an email address, your birthday, gender identification, and a confirmation of that email address.

Will there be ads while I watch movies?

Yes, most free streaming websites will contain ads to help pay for the service. Although the website may be free to users, they still need to pay for the content by making money through ads. 

You can download an Ad Blocker to avoid some of the commercials but they may not completely work to block every single ad. You’ll likely still see fewer ads than if you didn’t have an ad blocker, though. However, if you don’t want to download an ad blocker, putting up with some ads is a small inconvenience for something that’s being provided at no additional cost to you.


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