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You may have heard on the news or noticed it yourself when filling up your tank, but fuel prices are indeed skyrocketing these days. With our cars requiring more and more money to be filled up, many might be wondering how they can figure out a way to save on gas. That’s why Slickdeals is breaking down everything you need to know about gas apps and how they can help you survive these high prices.

What Do Gas Apps Do?

Gas apps are smartphone apps that help you save on gas with some of the following features:

  • Cashback or points rewards
  • Gas station price comparison/gas station locator
  • Fuel-efficient navigation
  • Fuel consumption record

The best apps have a combination of these features in one interface, but to save the most, you’ll want a few of them on hand to get the best pricing. To maximize your savings with gas app, shop with the app’s partners to redeem extra rewards and stack your rewards with cashback credit cards. This way, you are doubling up on your savings!

8 Best Gas Apps to Help You Save Money

1. GasBuddy

GasBuddy app

Credit: GasBuddy

Available on: iOS and Android
The consensus on GasBuddy is that it’s one of people’s favorite apps to help find cheap gas and even save up to 25 cents off a gallon if you sign up for their gas card. You can do so by connecting your profile with a debit card or checking account. They also offer two paid subscription tiers: GasBuddy Plus and GasBuddy Premium. These cost $7.99 and $9.99 respectively, and they give you a chance to get more cashback on gas and even access to Allstate’s 24-hour roadside assistance coverage.

  • Features: 
    • Locate cheap gas by location and brand
    • Use trip cost calculator to budget driving routines or road trips
    • GasBuddy Fuel Logbook to keep a log of gas consumption/fuel efficiency
    • GasBack to get free gas when shopping retailers through the app.
  • User Experience: The app is simple to use and easy to navigate. If you’d rather not download more apps, you can also search for cheaper gas using the website browser. Tip: Try uploading your GasBuddy fuel card to GetUpside’s platform to double-dip on gas savings.
  • Bottom Line: You can get direct savings when filling up your tank, but keep in mind that saving 25 cents may not provide the best savings if you have to drive much further to the next station.

2. GetUpside

GetUpside app

Credit: GetUpside

Available on: iOS and Android
Another very popular app to combat high-rising gas prices is GetUpside. It’s a free app that lets you save up to 25 cents per gallon through cashback opportunities every time you fill up at major brands like BP, Exxon, Mobil, Speedway, Circle K and Shell. All you need to do is claim an offer on the app before pumping gas, pay at the station using your own personal card and then upload a photo of the receipt to the app to confirm the purchase. Afterwards, you can collect the money saved through PayPal, check or an e-gift card.

  • Features: In addition to gas, earn cashback at restaurants, groceries and convenience stores.
  • User Experience: GetUpside users noted that you can stack savings by using credit cards that offers rewards.
  • Bottom Line: GetUpside is great for users to save not only at gas stations but also when dining out or doing your weekly grocery shopping. If you’d prefer not to connect their checking account to the app like GasBuddy asks of its users, test out GetUpside.

3. Gas Guru

Gas Guru app

Credit: Gas Guru

Available on: iOS and Android
Gas Guru is an app created by Yellow Pages to find out where the cheapest gas is around your location. There’s not much more to it than that specific function, but you don’t need bells and whistles to quickly locate where to fuel up.

  • Features: You can search for gas stations with various filters and services like 24-hour access or ATMs, as well as an ability to save your go-to gas stations.
  • User Experience: Gas Guru downloaders have noted some inconsistency with the listed pricing, so do be aware that when you arrive to a gas station, it might not be a 100% accurate with the numbers you see on the app.
  • Bottom Line: While it doesn’t offer any cashback opportunities, navigation features or fuel economy monitoring, Gas Guru is a simple, effective app to compare gas prices near you.

4. Drivvo

Drivvo app

Credit: Drivvo

Available on: iOS and Android
Drivvo is a highly rated app that is dedicated towards vehicle management, meaning it helps you keep track of car-related expenses, gas consumption and more. When you know more about your car and its needs, you will actually save on gas in the long run by tending to any necessary repairs, which are prompted by the app’s maintenance reminder feature. Though it’s widely used by ridesharing drivers like Uber and Lyft, this app can help any ordinary driver save money on gas and their car.

  • Features: There are fuel efficiency reports, revenue recording through gig economy jobs, expense logging, maintenance reminders, Flex Calculator for fuel and a pro version for $9 to access cloud storage, technical support and no ads.
  • User Experience: Drivvo-heads love the graphs and data presented through the app regarding their car expenses.
  • Bottom Line: Though Drivvo doesn’t directly put money back into your wallet, it is a neat app to serve as the “finance manager for your vehicle.” You savvy shoppers know that the first way to save money is by keeping track of your spending patterns, and that rule applies to car ownership as well.

5. Waze

Waze app

Credit: Waze

Available on: iOS and Android
The chances are high you’ve heard about Waze, a Google Maps competitor, but did you know Waze can also keep track of gas station prices while it navigates to your next location? You can find the best place to pump up your car while on your route to work or a meal. With Waze, you can also get more efficient commutes that avoid traffic jams and other delays, and that means less gas you’re burning each trip.

  • Features: Set your favorite gas stations based on price, gas type and brand.
  • User Experience: Waze users are the ones themselves posting the gas prices, so it may not be 100% accurate per reviews.
  • Bottom Line: Saving you gas money is not the direct purpose of Waze, but it combines the gas station pricing feature with an efficient navigation system, so there’s one less app on your already busy phone.

6. Fuel Rewards

Fuel Rewards app

Credit: Fuel Rewards

Available on: iOS and Android
Fuel Rewards is a free app and loyalty program for those who frequently pump at Shell gas stations. Users who sign up can save at least 3-5 cents per gallon at Shell with a Silver or Gold status. Plus, there are more rewards like earning 5-10 cents per gallon by shopping, traveling or dining with their partnered companies.

  • Features: Track your rewards balance, offers and tier status. Conveniently locate nearby Shell stations.
  • User Experience: Fuel Rewards members have raved about its simplicity in signing up without linking your credit card or bank accounts.
  • Bottom Line: If you find yourself at a Shell often or there’s one right by your house, you might as well get this app and membership because those cents will add up, especially in this climate!

7. BPme Rewards

BPme gas rewards app

Credit: BP

Available on: iOS and Android
Similar to Fuel Rewards, BPme Rewards gas app is for drivers who refuel at BP. Interested members can register and save 5 cents per gallon all throughout the first four weeks and the following months, given they spend $100 at BP. The feature we’re most excited about is BPme’s Price Match feature for a 99-cent subscription: the app gives members the cheapest gas prices by automatically comparing BP and Amoco gas to nearby competitors across a varied radius (there’s just a minimum of 8 gallons to qualify for price-matching).

  • Features: There’s contactless payment, special bonus offers and a paperless option to receive all your receipts directly through the app.
  • User Experience: Folks have commented on the app’s simplicity and convenience, including its ability to know the exact station you’re at, so all you need to do is input your pump number and confirm the payment method. It’s great for avoiding gross pin pads!
  • Bottom Line: Whenever there’s a chance to save directly on gas, you gotta take it. BPme Rewards is an awesome app to help you do so. Even if you’re not a frequent BP gas guzzler, you might spin back around knowing you can get a cheaper tank of gas with this on your phone.

8. Speedway Rewards

Speedway app

Credit: Speedway

Available on: iOS and Android
Now, for those Speedway loyalists, we got just the app for you, too. If you got one of these stations near you, Speedy Rewards will offer you 10 points per gallon and 20 points per dollar spent inside the station. Users can then redeem those points for food, gift cards and fuel savings from 10-50 cents per gallon, granted you do have to rack up enough points first. But there are unique ways to earn points by purchasing specific items and shopping with their select partners.

  • Features: Receive monthly perks and sweepstakes opportunities, ability to add digital gift cards on the app and locate nearby Speedway gas stations.
  • User Experience: Users have harped on the large number of points needed to get a minimal discount on gas.
  • Bottom Line: If you don’t have high expectations with what you’ll get back and you frequent Speedway often, then this app is for you. Those points can get you a free snack or coffee, which never hurts.

Are Gas Apps Really Worth It?

Overall, gas apps are indeed worth it, especially if they come with direct ways to save on fuel. Those cents will add up quicker than you think, and every penny counts these days. However, there are apps that make you jump through too many hoops for minimal savings—try to avoid those. Also, be smart about how much you’re really saving, especially if you have to drive extra miles than it is worth to save a little bit per gallon. You also have to be willing to think outside the box to save, meaning being conscious of your fuel consumption, commute routes and vehicle maintenance.


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